Best Gifts for Android Lovers

You've come to the right place. After all, who would know better what to get an Android fan than the editors at Android Central, right? Here are our suggestions for those friends who love the world's best operating system and aren't afraid to show it.

Android figurine

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android figurines

It's the most obvious gift choice and yet, here you are, looking up the best gifts for your Android-loving friend or family member. These three-inch figurines have become nearly ubiquitous with the Android operating system. If you know someone who is a big fan of Android, they likely already have a figurine or two floating around.

The good news is that there are vast varieties of Android figurines to collect and give as a gift. The bad news is that there are figurines that only appear in a particular series, so if you're buying a blind box, there's no way to see what the figurine looks like before you wrap it.

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Android apparel

Android tee at Google

Help your friend show his loyalty to the Android operating system with an Android t-shirt or sweater officially sold by Google. There are pages upon pages of Android-centric tees and sweaters to choose from, in a range of sizes for both men and women.

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Android Stickers

Everyone loves stickers, and when they're a trio of the original Bugdriod Android mascot they make a perfect gift for an Android fan. A set of three 2.5-inch vinyl stickers that are perfect for a Chromebook or the car or just about anywhere is an awesome way to show some team support.

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GOgroove Pal Bot Android speaker

It plays music

Why the heck not? It's a portable, rechargeable speaker anthropomorphized as Google's Android mascot. It's got stereo speakers and a subwoofer, too. However, it only works with things that use a headphone jack. So, if your friend is using a Pixel 2 or another phone without a 3.5mm audio plug, it's #DongleLife.

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Android Foundry Prints

android poster

Help your sibling decorate her barren walls with posters from the Android foundry. You can buy each print individually or a set of four for $48. There are nine to collect in all. Be sure to pair it with a nice frame, too. Amazon has plenty to choose from.

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Android Ice Cube Trays

What to give that one person you know who has everything? A silicone Android Ice Cube Tray!

Eight icy Android bugbots will keep beverages frosty all year long, and the tough silicone mold will outlive us all. If you're my secret Santa this year, take this as a hint!

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Update, November 2017: We've updated this article with all-new gifts for your Android lover in 2017!

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