Barnes & Noble Introduces 'Nook' Android-Powered E-book Reader

Now that's how you design a dual-screen E-book reader! Barnes & Noble just announced their own E-Book Reader called 'Nook' and its fresh design offers both a 6-inch E-ink display with a 3.5-inch color touchscreen for navigation and controls. Unlike the E-book reader we reported yesterday, the Nook looks amazing and blends the two screens amazingly well.

We're very impressed with the Nook and hopeful that with Android in its corner, it can knock the Kindle and Sony E-readers off their perch. Like most E-book readers these days, the Nook packs 3G and Wi-Fi for wireless downloading but unlike most, the Nook offers LendMe technology that allows you to lend books to friends for 14 days. Other features include a microSD slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack and mp3 player, PDF support, and 1 million books available for purchase.

The Nook will be available for $259 at the end of November. We're hoping that since Android powers the Nook, we'll see some applications designed to extend the scope of E-book readers.

Who wants one?

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Casey Chan
  • My interest is piqued. It definitely looks better than the other Android E-Book reader from yesterday. I'm still a fan of analog books though.
  • I'm interested in the nook, I've wanted a Kindle for a while, but haven't gotten one yet. It's nice to have another option to consider.
  • Kindle, Sony's Reader (can't remember the name) and now the "Nook". I might spring for the nook depending on the amount of books and if you can get a discount with the B&N rewards program. It might be a good buy.
  • So will the fact that the Nook uses Android mean that there might be a hack in the future to, say... read email on the Nook? Couldn't you use the wifi/3g to navigate to an email site and then you just need something to convert emails to epub or .pdf format... in fact, with the right browser, could you browse the web on the color screen and then convert/print single pages for viewing on the large screen? ... Just a thought. idaho joe