Bank of America update adds mobile check deposit

Bank of America has finally updated its Android app to include a couple features that iOS users, as well as Android users with other banks (all the way back in late 2010, we might add), have enjoyed for a while now. The app has generally had a good and usable UI, but has lacked both mobile check deposits and notifications. We're happy to report that both of these features are now available and ready for download in the form of an update from the Play Store. Unfortunately, the tablet version of the app (opens in new tab) has yet to be updated with the same features.

Additional functionality is nice, but what we would really like to see is Bank of America choosing to follow Android style guidelines and remove the legacy menu button from the app. There's really no reason, almost a year after the release of Android 4.0, for any developer -- let alone one of this size -- to keep coding their app without an action bar and overflow settings button.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Finally. Took long enough.
  • I just got berated by Facebook folk about this not being secure. I like to live on the edge. :-P
  • When you say "Mobile check deposit", is that the thing where you take a photo of a check and it is deposited without having to go to the bank?
  • Yes sir.
  • Anything, whether a document, a building, or an app with the name Bank of America on it is a complete, catastrophic FAIL. That's all.....
  • Does anyone know how to get the update? I haven't received an update notification and I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it's still the same old app. Ca-razy!
  • Never mind. I finally just saw the update tonight and it seems to work great!
  • Thanks for the tip on the update ... you just saved me a trip to the bank to deposit a check! LOL
  • Slackers had it advertised on their website since Monday that I know of, but it pointed to the previous version. Glad they finally released it as I have a couple checks to deposit. :)
  • Suntrust app just added this also
  • I tried it this morning....took the photo of the front multiple time until I got a clear photo, then when I tood the rear photo, the app freaked out and I had no front photo anymore...went back and forth this way a few times, finally got through the whole thing...and I still do not see the deposit in my account USING THE MOBILE APP. Hmmmm.
    However when I look online, it is there, but not cleared yet.
  • I kind of wish I didn't have direct deposit just so I can use this feature
  • It works on my tablet. I have an Asus Transformer 300.