Auralux hits the Tegra Zone and Google Play today, it's an RTS game with style

Wardrum Studios' Auralux is now available for Tegra devices on the Google Play store, and it's a new take on an old favorite. When we first saw the press announcement for Auralux, I knew I would enjoy this one, it combines real-time strategy with the modern look and feel you expect in 2012, and does it well. The premise of the game is ultra-simple. You have one type of unit, and you can tell them to move from your planet to a vacant or enemy planet. There are no buttons, or complicated actions involved, just select your troops and move them across the playing field. You start against two opponents, and you all have the same size base and same number of troops. The goal is to wipe the opposition off the map.

We've seen games of this type before, but they never looked or sounded this good. It's very minimalistic, yet detailed when you zoom in tight on an occupied zone. The catchy new-age soundtrack plays in the background without distracting you, which may not have been as "relaxing" as the game description claims, but there is definitely a more casual feel to this one until you get to the more difficult levels. You can take things slow, or enable speed mode for a fast-paced battle of wits. It's very fun, and very simple to play. I've been playing one of the insane difficulty levels for over 8 hours of gameplay (I may retreat, but I never quit!), but the normal levels can provide five minutes worth of entertainment at a time. Gameplay has been excellent and trouble-free on both the Nexus 7 and the HTC One X, and the easy controls make it enjoyable on both devices. It's an addicting little app, and well worth checking out.

To do that checking out, you'll need a Tegra device -- at least for a few weeks. The game is launching as a Tegra exclusive for the first few weeks and then will come to more Android and iOS devices afterwards. The Tegra exclusive Andromeda Pack from the in-game shop, where you've got plenty of action going on at once and a more complicated game layout, will remain afterwards. The app is free in Google Play, and has optional in-app purchases. Grab it at the link below, and check out the trailer and a handful of screenshots after the break.

Download Auralux from Google Play; Auralux on the Tegra Zone 

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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