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ASUS EeePad Transformer hands-on

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Here we go, folks, your first hands-on with the ASUS EeePad Transformer. It's an Android tablet. And an Android laptop. It's a Honeycomb tablet. And a Honeycomb laptop. Hell, we can't decide which to call it.

Fact of the matter is, the EeePad Transformer is one hell of an Android tablet and laptop, which is saying something considering the number of Honeycomb tablets out there, which isn't all that great.

Anyhoo, check out our hand-on video above and be sure to check out our further coverage.

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  • Nice hands on. By any change anyone know where I can get that live wallpaper from?
  • According to the Anandtech review, it's Asus' own live wallpaper, called MyWater. I'd be willing to bet that someone will post it on XDA in the next week or so.
  • Awesome hands on, I didn't know the top row were actually shortcut hotkeys. I'm so getting this when it comes to Canada, it could replace my netbook and maybe if I can root it I can put ARM Debian inside the /system like you can on some phones. I wish HC was open source already, it would get alot more development support by now. Asus has a decent start, better than Motorola because they have a keyboard, a working sdcard, better screen display and lower price but other companies will follow suit and be a bit more decent unless Asus releases a second generation of this.
  • It seems like the extra function you get from the function keys and the real integration with the keyboard shows the difference between a computer maker making a tablet and a phone maker. I can't help but compare this to the Atrix accessories which just seem like junk compared to this.
  • The Atrix laptop dock is a total ripoff for what it offers, it's almost $400 here.
  • That is because it is a computer and not just a keyboard. Freaky concept.
  • great hands on! amazing tablet! amazing laptop! I hope it comes with a big ad campaign like the xoom got but with commercials that actually show how functional it is unlike the xoom commercials.
  • phil, does polaris office save in .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats? please answer; very important to know.
  • iPad what? Hehehe I'm getting this when it becomes available in the states :-)
  • That mp4 has an apple logo at in the right hand corner... maybe that's why it stutters!
  • Great reveiw! Will the transformer be able to connect to a wifi hotspots from our phones(ad-hoc, etc)? Don't want to use Bluetooth tethering. I like the stated prices and that the SD card actually works. It shows that the SD card not working on the Xoom is not necessarily a honeycomb problem.
  • Would the Keyboard work with the Xoom, the Xoom doesnt have the mouse feature.
  • No, because it is proprietary. However, a third party COULD design something similar for the Xoom- kb/touchpad from the usb port, power to/from the contacts. The challenge would be finding a way to attach the Xoom so it would stay.
  • You guys do awesome hands-on demos. However, I wish that you could do ONE more thing. Please test if these tablets can play various video types. For some of us it is one of the big deciding factors. When i bought my phone i was surprised that it played Divx/xviD. It is not the deciding factor for me, but it is a separator between two equally good tablets.
  • Great hands on. This wasnt even on my radar now I want one!