HTC Cloudex

There's no need to freak out about HTC's new 'cloud' gallery app — it's not uploading your food pics anywhere

We've had more than a few people ask us about a new notification that's popping up on HTC phones referencing a "Cloudex" application, which has since been renamed to One Gallery. It's sort of a clunky thing and not initially clear as to what it does. And given the (rightfully) sensitive state regarding personal data these days, we're not all that surprised that it's raising a few eyebrows.

So what is HTC Cloud Gallery and why might you want it? The answer is pretty simple.

One Gallery is, simply put, an addition to the new HTC Gallery update released in December that lets you tie several other accounts into your Gallery app. In this case we're talking about Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox and Flickr. You can choose whether to sync over Wifi-only, or Wifi and mobile data. You also can choose to have it sync only when charging, or sync (or not) when the battery falls below 25 percent.

That's it. It's for viewing images from those four services in your HTC Gallery app, not for uploading images to those services — or anywhere else for that matter. HTC is pretty clear about that in the app description, as well as once you launch the app itself. And when you're tying in, say, your Google Drive and Facebook accounts, those permissions pages also tell you that One Gallery won't be able to post anything to those services and that it's a read-only thing.

It's not perfect. While I can view the 3,100 pictures I've uploaded to Facebook, there's no folder structure. (HTC Research, which published the app, says it's working on that.) But for now it's a decent way to get more services inside your stock gallery app.