Arizona Sunshine is one of the best VR games around. The frantic gameplay and the tension of always having to be on guard from the undead make the game extremely tense and action-packed. The whole point of VR is to elevate your normal gameplay experience beyond what a flat screen is capable of and Arizona Sunshine offers that in spades.

This new DLC, called The Damned, adds a whole new level of fear to the undead adventure by adding the sensations of claustrophobia and vertigo. If you are a fraidy cat like me, this should be an interesting experience for you.

What's the story?

The Damned is a sort of prequel to a prequel. Based before the last expansion, Dead Man, the Damned has you and your team of special forces soldiers try to restore power to the nearby military base by retaking a nearby dam from the army of zombies that infest the area. If you can do this then the DLC that came before can happen and you can set off some bombs to clear out some zombies.

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The dam in question — it's totally not Hoover Dam, honest — is enormous and a visitors attraction so it's full of the undead. As normally happens in these kinds of game, you get separated from the rest of your team and you have to face the horde alone.

What can I expect from the Damned?

Zombies, lots of Zombies. What makes the Damned such an interesting prospect is the closeness of the gameplay. The dam — it's called the Damned and it's in a DAM, get it? — makes every encounter with a zombie feel more perilous, more intense.

A lot of the inside of the dam is played on rickety metal staircases hanging over 100-foot drops. This would be scary enough in itself, but the constant waves of undead, the relentlessness of it all, makes this DLC feel a lot different from the base game. Arizona Sunshine has a lot more open spaces than this DLC seems to offer, so it will be an interesting shift in thinking.

Do I need the other DLC to play?

Nope. You will need the original game but the Dead Man DLC is not required. That being said it only costs $2.49 so really, why wouldn't you pick it up?

I would play the Damned before Dead Man, though, to give you some time continuity. If you want to play it chronologically then really you should play the Damned, Dead Man, then the full game. You may want to play the main game first though, just so you know what you are doing, and what the stakes are.

Where and when can I get it?

Right now everything is a little sketchy on release date. The PlayStation Blog says it will be available "this summer," which is pretty vague.

We also have no idea how much the Damned will cost. Jaywalkers Interactive has been pretty good about not over pricing its DLC so let's hope that trend continues.


Arizona Sunshine

The beginning

Before the DLC arrives you'll need to be familar with the main game. Full of fantastic visuals and the terrifying undead, Arizona Sunshine is one the very best VR games around.

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