On June 6, Google held its first Stadia Connect livestream to reveal key information about the upcoming game streaming service.

Not only did we get a taste of the initial game lineup, but we also learned how much Stadia costs and when it'll be available to use.

Stadia's combination of a monthly fee and having to pay for games outright seems to have caused for some mixed reactions, and it's at least gotten some people in the AC forums talking about it.


I've been playing text games since the 80's, PC's Consoles and what not. I'm all in on Stadia because of the portability. I get that I won't always have a connection but portability is what swayed me. I can't take a console or PC with me wherever. I can take my Chromecast and controller wherever I want. Your thoughts?


I'm going to sit until I see the "free" game lineup and how much new games are before jumping in. I was a bit surprised you don't need a sub to play though. That's like a free Playstation on the cloud haha


I would have had the normal argument with myself about the value, etc, and just holding off, but I've been planning on getting a chromecast ultra anyway. I anticipate it's likely I'll drop the paid service after the initial 3 months are over, but the way I see it is I know I'd end up picking up the controller regardless, so am ahead. At least, until one month after I receive my package they...


Now, we've got to ask — Are you getting Stadia?

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