Archos A5S and A5H Android Tablet Leaked by FCC

Archos has been rumored to release an Android Tablet for as long as we can remember and with an official Archos event planned for September 15th, the prospect of an Archos Android tablet became realer by the moment. Though we weren't exactly sure how the Archos Android Tablet would look like, leave it to the Notorious FCC for leaking what we believe to be the official device.

The FCC tested the Archos A5S, which has a touchscreen, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, FM transmitter/receiver, microSD slot, and microUSB port. 3G connectivity is reportedly available but the FCC did not test it (perhaps that's what the A5H has). The A5S is also using what we believe to be a custom build of Android (a la HTC Sense).

We're definitely excited about the Archos A5S but wonder what kind of market it will find. Are you guys interested in the Archos Android Tablet?

[via engadget]

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Casey Chan
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  • Yeah, I'll buy one for my midget servant.