YouTube gets with the times, introduces handles for creators and channels

YouTube launches handles for channels
(Image credit: YouTube)
  • YouTube introduces "handles," a unique identifier for all channels.
  • A channel's handle will appear in YouTube Shorts, the channel home page, search results, comments, and community posts.
  • While YouTube's handles are rolling out in the weeks ahead, users should see them no later than November 14.

YouTube is catching up to other social media platforms as it introduces "handles," a unique identifier for creators across its platform.

YouTube detailed its new handles for creators through a new dedicated help page. YouTube explains that these new handles should aid viewers in finding their next favorite creator easier. It's also a way to know if they're following the right person in a much better way than the current channel name provides. While this new feature has begun rolling out via YouTube Studio notifications and email, creators should see this by November 14 at the latest.

Unlike the name of a person's channel, their handle will be entirely unique to them. For content creators on YouTube who have a personalized URL, their handles will be reserved for them based on that designation. Up-and-coming channels on YouTube without a personalized URL or those who'd like a different one will have the ability to do so once the feature is ready for them.

Along with this new handle that channels have chosen, YouTube will then create a URL to match it. This URL's purpose is for creators who are promoting their content on other platforms to link directly to their YouTube channel.

In terms of eligibility, YouTube is removing its former 100 subscriber requirement to gain a customized URL for channels. Now, every channel on YouTube can create its own custom handle once the feature rolls out. This even applies to those who aren't necessarily creating videos on YouTube. If you simply enjoy watching and interacting with creators through the comments, you'll also gain a handle.

Handles must be kept within a 30-character limit while also adhering to YouTube's Community Guidelines.

YouTube's new handles have a variety of uses on its platform and even outside of it. The feature itself feels very familiar for those of us who frequent other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. YouTube explains that your new handle will appear in your YouTube Shorts, channel home page, search results, comments, community posts, and other users can tag you in their videos.

The video streaming platform states that several factors can contribute to the swiftness of receiving access to its new handles. Those factors can include things such as how active your channel is or even your subscriber count. While November 14 is the latest users should see this feature roll in, YouTube will automatically provide you with a handle based on your channel name if you haven't decided on one before that date. You will still retain the ability to rework your handle if you're not happy with it.

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