Android users aren't that impressed by the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island

Examples of how the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island screen cut out can be useful
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What you need to know

  • We asked our readers what they think of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14.
  • Roughly 40% think it's cool, but only half want to see something similar on Android.
  • Around 35% of voters think the feature is lame, while 20% say it's "alright."

After rumors that Apple was ditching the notch for a pill-shaped display cutout, the company finally announced it with the iPhone 14 Pro, with some software tricks to help hide the cutout and make it blend with the software. It's called Dynamic Island, giving iPhone users a new way to interact with apps and notifications.

However, when we asked our readers whether or not they liked the idea, opinions were pretty split. Out of more than 2,000 votes, a majority said that the feature is lame. And while a combined 42% say it's a cool feature, those votes are pretty split on whether they think it should come to Android. Another 20% say the feature is just "alright."

Poll responses asking if users like the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro

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Many Android users say it's not too different from what the best Android phones can do. CJ on Twitter says it's just like Apple to take an old feature or design and put a spin on it to make it something new:

"I've been very confused by all of the "hub-bub" surrounding this. We're taking the hole-punch camera that's been around for a decade and making it a "feature"? Totally an Apple move..."

Meanwhile, Franklin Fulgencio gives Apple credit for its clever software:

"Nothing too different from Android already implements. But I have to say that Apple does make its user interface with the front camera a bit more appealing."

Adam on Twitter agrees that it's a neat feature but pointless on Android:

"It's a cool way to somewhat disguise the huge face unlock/selfie cam cut out but Android doesn't need it."

James points out a potential design flaw that could make Dynamic more of a pain to use for some users:

"Considering how large phones are these days and that the thing has been to make everything more reachable I would hate having a feature placed at the most unreachable point if the phone."

This could be especially true for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which features a fairly large 6.7-inch OLED display.

So, while developers start working on ways to bring this feature to Android, it seems not too many people think it's a feature Android should "steal."

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