Google Keep may soon use AI to help you make lists, and this is how

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What you need to know

  • Google plans to use artificial intelligence in Google Keep to help users create new lists.
  • Code related to the feature was discovered in the latest update to the Google Keep app.
  • 9to5Google even managed to activate the feature, giving us our best look yet at how Google will use AI in the Keep app. 

Google may be gearing up to release an AI-based feature in Google Keep, according to findings in the latest version of the Google Keep app. Like other similar AI features from Google, the Google Keep app will be able to generate a list based on text entries from a user. 

9to5Google discovered the references to this new feature in version 5.23.462.05.90 of the Keep app, which Google just started rolling out to Android users. But the team also managed to activate the upcoming tool in the Google Keep app, giving us our best look yet at what the feature might look like. Seeing that the feature could be enabled in the current Keep version, it's possible that this new feature might come very soon.  

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First, there's a popup that appears once the feature has been enabled that explains how it works. The AI tool is called "Help me create a list," and that fits in line with Google's other AI features. For example, the AI text generation tool in Google Docs is called "Help me write." Google Keep's AI feature is also part of Google Workspace Labs, which is where Google is testing experimental features.

Since the feature is part of Workspace Labs, there may be some privacy concerns users should be aware of. "To improve Google services, human reviewers may read, annotate, and process your Labs interactions data," the pop-up reads. Google instructs users not to include any personal information while using "Help me create a list" as a result. 

This new feature isn't available now, and we're not exactly sure when it could debut. However, we've been tracking rumors of an AI-based tool in Google Keep since October. Recent progress could indicate a release is nearing, but keep in mind that this experimental feature will likely have a slow rollout.

Using instructions to create an AI generated list in Google Keep

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After you create a new note, they'll be an option to select "Help me create a list." When that option is chosen, you can enter instructions for the list in the text box. Then, Google Keep will use AI to generate a list based on your instructions. Google will use its training model to suggest items in a new list that relate to what you entered, but adds a disclaimer that Keep won't always get it right.

Google is rapidly expanding its AI features. The company has its flagship chatbot, Google Bard, and included a bunch of AI tools on the new Pixel 8 Pro. Just earlier this week it added a new generative AI feature to Google Sheets. Based on recent findings, Google Keep might be the next Google app to get the AI treatment. 

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    Keep is something I’d prefer they didn’t mess with - a simple note-taking app is ideal for, um, note taking. I don’t think AI should turn it into a “word processor” lol