Gemini will soon be added to the Google app on Android

The Google Gemini app
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What you need to know

  • After debuting the standalone Gemini app for Android, Google chose to incorporate the AI chatbot into the regular Google app on iOS instead.
  • Now, Google is testing making the Google app for Android work like the iOS version. 
  • The change brings a toggle for users to switch between Google Search and Gemini easily, streamlining the experience. 

Google rolled out its artificial intelligence chatbot in a few different ways, starting with Bard and eventually rebranding to Gemini. However, even after switching to Gemini, the chatbot still appeared on iOS and Android in different ways. Android users got a Gemini app that could replace the Google Assistant on their flagship phones, and iPhone users gained access to Gemini through the existing Google app. Now, a leaked version of the Google app aims to bring similar functionality to Android. 

Android tipster AssembleDebug on X discovered an unreleased toggle in the Google app for Android that allows users to switch between Google Search and Gemini. This functionality isn't available publicly yet, but AssembleDebug presumably got it working after flipping a few developer flags. In a video shared with PiunikaWeb, we can see how the Google app for Android might look in a future update after gaining native support for Gemini.

After opening the Google app, users will still be greeted with the main Google Search tab by default. This is also known as the "Discover" feed, which suggests articles and content from the web. At the top center of the screen, there will be a new toggle that can switch between Google Search and Gemini. This broadly changes whether user queries are answered with search results or by Gemini's AI models. Aside from the functionality shift, the entire Google app user interface changes when you toggle between Search and Gemini.

When you tap the Gemini icon at the top of the screen, the Google app transforms to mimic the standalone Gemini app. The text box for Gemini will be available, accepting voice-to-text input and photo uploads as well, just like other instances of Gemini. The app will also give examples of questions that Gemini can answer and provide you with your recent chat history.

Google is trying out Gemini in a few places so far, most recently adding the chatbot to the beta version of Google Messages. The regular Google app looks to be next to receive Gemini functionality, giving Android users more ways to access the chatbot. At first glance, it might seem redundant on Android, considering there is a standalone Gemini app. However, using the Gemini app automatically replaces the Google Assistant, and the Google app could serve as an alternative.

Unfortunately, that isn't guaranteed. AssembleDebug told Android Authority that using Gemini in the Google app will still prompt Android users to replace Google Assistant with the AI chatbot. 

We're unsure when Gemini will be publicly released in the Google app, but it's clearly under active development. Similar features have been available to a limited number of iOS users since the Gemini rebrand. 

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