President Biden announces new FCC nominee to fill long-vacant commissioner seat

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What you need to know

  • President Biden has announced his new nomination for FCC commissioner.
  • Anna M. Gomez is a telecommunications attorney that has served in the FCC for 12 years.
  • Gomez replaces Biden's previous nominee, Gigi Sohn, who was met with considerable scrutiny.
  • Gomez would break the current FCC deadlock by putting three Democrats in governing positions.

On Monday, President Joe Biden announced that he's nominating Anna M. Gomez as the final commissioner for the FCC, a move that would finally break the years-long deadlock that has often stalled the FCC from major decisions.

Gomez is a telecommunications attorney who has served throughout the FCC for 12 years. According to the White House press release, she has "extensive experience in domestic and international communications law and policy," which would make her an ideal candidate for the position.

Gomez would also help to accelerate policies favored by the Democratic party, particularly those pertaining to restoring net neutrality. With the 2-2 deadlock that has been in place due to the empty commissioner seat, policies would need support from at least one Republican commissioner to move forward. If Gomez is confirmed, that would no longer be necessary, and Democrats would have an easier time getting certain policies through.

"I congratulate Anna Gomez on her nomination to serve as FCC Commissioner," FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement. "She brings with her a wealth of telecommunications experience, a substantial record of public service, and a history of working to ensure the U.S. stays on the cutting edge of keeping us all connected. I wish her all the best during the confirmation process."

Current commissioners Brendan Carr and Geoffrey Starks were also re-nominated. Gomez's confirmation awaits a Senate vote before she is confirmed.

The nomination comes months after former FCC nominee, Gigi Sohn, withdrew her nomination following a long and arduous battle with Republicans and critics from her own Democratic party. Sohn's confirmation was drawn out for 16 months and with multiple hearings, which left many unsure whether she would ever be confirmed.

Sohn's withdrawal seemingly left the seat available for a less polarizing pick.

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