Elon Musk is interested in a 1,000-character limit for Twitter

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What you need to know

  • Elon Musk is currently looking at raising Twitter's tweet character limit to 1,000.
  • This would be the first tweet limit rework since 2017 when the limit was raised to 280.
  • Musk has also been mentioning his plans for bringing encrypted DMs to the platform while also reworking the verification system.

Elon Musk is continuing to lay down his plans for Twitter as he is now interested in increasing the current tweet character limit.

According to Insider, Twitter CEO Elon Musk currently has it on his list to raise the platform's current character limit from 280 to 1,000. Apparently, the social media company's CEO had been busy on Twitter speaking on his plans for the platform while also replying to user suggestions. Through one interaction, a user threw in the idea of increasing the character limit to 420 over 280, to which Musk replied, "good idea."

Later on in the day yesterday, Musk replied to a user offering the idea of increasing the limit to 1,000 to which he replied, "on the todo list."

Twitter started experimenting with raising the tweet character limit from 140 to 280 during the latter half of 2017. Users of the social platform have been stuck with the new 280 number for a few years now. It is quite a small number if you consider the likes of Instagram which has a character limit for posts of 2,200.

Business Insider did mention one person's reply to Musk's new idea, saying, "shorter tweets force people to condense their posts into easy-to-read nuggets." For now, we're going to have to wait and see if this larger number is to be tested in the future or what decision will be made on it.

Twitter's new CEO has been busy with changes as he looks to introduce Twitter 2.0 to not only his employees but also the users. An addition to the platform that Musk is looking to incorporate is encrypted DMs and video/voice chatting functions through private messaging. Encrypting user messages is a feature that has long since been abandoned by Twitter but Elon Musk is bringing it back and is looking to Signal's creator, Moxie Marlinspike, for some possible assistance.

Recently, however, Musk detailed the coming changes for Twitter's verification system. The new system would introduce gold checkmarks for companies and grey marks for government officials. Celebrities or users who have purchased that signature blue checkmark through Twitter Blue will continue to show off the classic blue look.

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