Google Maps gains a useful sidebar full of options on Android Auto

Google Maps on Android Auto
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What you need to know

  • Google Maps version 11.90 for Android Auto is displaying a new persistant sidebar on the left side of its display for users.
  • The sidebar contains various options such as settings, volume, map orientation, and zoom controls.
  • Google Maps on Android Auto recently received some changes, enabling users to view the app on their phone as well as on their car's display.

Google Maps on Android Auto has received an update to bring some better functionality when on the road.

According to 9to5Google, Google Maps version 11.90 is now displaying a persistent sidebar full of controls on its left side. The sidebar contains options such as settings, zoom controls, map orientation, and volume control for audible directions. Furthermore, this sidebar only appears when the app fills the screen and not when the app is placed into the dashboard view option.

Google Maps' new persistent sidebar appearing in v11.90 of the app on Android Auto.

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

It appears as though users may not have to update their Android Auto software to view these changes. As noted by SmartDroid, users have noticed the changes appearing on Android Auto versions 9.9 and 10.

The changes to Maps should be quite useful considering, before, users could access these options on the far right side of their display upon interaction. With them now persisting — and on the left side — it might bring about a more comfortable experience.

Keep in mind that these changes are rolling out and may take a little time before it appears for everyone.

Google was busy rolling out some changes to Maps on Android Auto displays earlier this month. A few users on Reddit reported they could open Google Maps on their phone, as well, without deactivating it from Android Auto. This gives users a little more freedom when interacting with Maps.

Previously, if the app was active on Android Auto, viewing it on a phone would limit users to turn-by-turn navigation, ETA, distance remaining, and music controls.

It looks like Google is finally listening to users' frustrations with Android Auto and the quality-of-life of its features when it comes to navigating the roads with a little more ease.

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  • seanmwaple
    AC News said:
    Google is rolling out a useful update for Maps on Android Auto which gives drivers a convenient sidebar of controls.

    Google Maps gains a useful sidebar full of options on Android Auto : Read more
    Still doesnt let you keep your zoom in settings on the map though. The "re-center" button stays on the screen. I like being zoomed in closer but the "re-center" button is annoying.