Android 15 might let you stream audio to the whole family

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What you need to know

  • A dive into Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 code shows Google is working on bringing Bluetooth LE audio streams for nearby devices in Android 15.
  • Users can find a list of nearby streams, an option to join via a QR code, and more.
  • There is a bit of wonder surrounding the potential for Google to release a new set of Pixel Buds with Bluetooth LE support.

A discovery in Google's latest Android beta allegedly shows signs of a new Bluetooth feature for Android 15.

According to Mishaal Rahman at Android Authority, Google plans to bring an "audio sharing" page in Android 15, enabling Bluetooth LE audio streams to nearby devices. The feature was found on the "Connection preferences" page in Settings when diving into the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 code.

Various strings mentioned a "switch" or "toggle," which would activate the stream for others to join in on. A "Connect to an audio stream using QR code" string was also found in the code.

A following "Audio Streams" menu was discovered, which offers that QR code option while also displaying any audio streams currently active nearby. Rahman adds users may find an option to switch their listening device whenever this arrives in a more stable form.

Google's Android 15 may bring audio sharing streams for nearby devices that piggybacks off Bluetooth LE.

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Unfortunately, its true functionality wasn't narrowed down as Rahman couldn't get anything to work. Android 15 would (ideally) launch somewhere around August 2024, but there's always a chance it could see major delays as Android 14 did last year. Moreover, there's the possibility that this audio-sharing feature could face problems.

This newfound support for Bluetooth LE audio sharing is essentially what Bluetooth SIG debuted as "Auracast" in June 2022. The feature would let users in a public or private space connect to a device that was broadcasting audio. It would enable those with earbuds or hearing devices to connect to TVs or even public transportation for important announcements.

It's also worth mentioning Google does not have a pair of Bluetooth LE-capable Pixel Buds — yet. As Rahman adds, if the company plans to release a new set with such capabilities, it would complement many of its phones that already support it.

Early in January, it was discovered that Google is potentially interested in bringing back an old lock screen feature for Android 15. Widgets may return in an At a Glance fashion or through a newly developed "communal space" on your device. For now, it's speculated widgets could return for tablets, like the Pixel Tablet, before phones pick up.

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    Recently strings in Android 14's latest beta showed signs of audio streams potentially arriving for Android 15.

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