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    When you ask many an Android fan what sets it apart from the rest, what special app or feature, at least two or three of them are bound to say Tasker. Tasker is the automation app most other automation apps are compared to.

    Through Tasker, you can do many miraculous things and replace many apps on your phone. Tasker silences my phone during newscasts so that it cannot disturb me or distract/embarrass anyone on the air. Tasker also silences my phone at night so I can sleep, and in the morning while it’s turning the sound back on, it also acts as my alarm clock, turning on Google Play Music to wake me up with dapper park music and some mind-numbingly happy pop.

    The basics of Tasker seem like rocket science but are amazingly simple: you create tasks and then you can trigger them manually or through automation. Tasks are made up of actions, and they can be as simple as one action, such as setting a phone to silent mode, or as complex as you’d like. There is an action for almost everything you can think of, if not in Tasker proper than in the many, many plugins that you can download for it. The plugins and support from João Dias are exceptionally good.

    Tasker is very much a trial and error type of app, and as such is heavily reliant on support groups, such as the forum from the official site and the Google + communities.


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    How to use Tasker to automate Bluetooth connections

    Tasker makes managing Bluetooth a breeze. If you want to connect and disconnect from a Bluetooth device, usually the easiest thing to do is power the Bluetooth device off, but that's easier said than done for some Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth-enabled audio-video receivers and out-of-...

    Keep your screen on in Pokémon Go (or any app) with Tasker

    The moment your screen goes unexpectedly black is gut-wrenching. You're getting to the juiciest details of an e-book when the story cuts to black. You're looking at some breath-taking artwork and a wet blanket of darkness kills the mood. You're trying to find an elusive Pokémon before its spawn...

    What is Tasker and how does it work?

    Tasker is the essence of Android. Android is about customization and making your phone work for you, and nothing exemplifies that quite as well as Tasker… except maybe Nova Launcher. Tasker is an automation app that lets us mere mortals work a little Android magic. Yes, magic. Magic is science...

    Tasker's long-overdue redesign is in beta, and it looks awesome

    Tasker has never been a beauty queen. Android's most powerful automation app Tasker has always been about form over function, and when so much functionality is crammed into one app by one single developer, it's easy to see why he'd rather spend that time on adding more functionality instead of...

    Make Google Play Music — or almost any music app — your alarm clock!

    Forget alarms. Who wants to wake up to some horrible ringing, buzzing, or other panic-inducing noise? Waking up to a klaxon?? STOP IT! NO! BAD! Why start your day in a bleary adrenaline rush? We don't have to do that to ourselves anymore. We have the technology to wake up better ways. True,...

    How to keep your screen on in Pokémon Go without wrecking your battery the rest of the day

    Pokémon Go is a battery-killer. We all know this. Like most people, when I started Pokémon Go, I would be walking around and having to turn my screen back on every minute or so when it timed out. To fix that frustration, I went into Settings, and under Display, I cranked my Screen timeout up to...

    Tasker is back in the Google Play Store [updated]

    Update: Good news! Google has reached out to let us know that Tasker is back in Google Play and all is well. Their official statement: We can confirm that Tasker is available again on Google Play. We worked very closely with the developer to resolve the situation and ensure that the app was...

    How to use Tasker to shuffle your playlists on Sonos by voice

    If there are two things we love in the modern home, it's Tasker and Sonos. Tasker is an absurdly powerful Android app that can fire off actions when certain triggers are met. Sonos is a polished lineup of connected home speakers that talk to each other seamlessly and plug into every streaming...
    It's Halloween! Time for some spooky Tasker voice profiles!

    Hands-free automation: Tasker and AutoVoice Part 1

    Tasker does a lot. And it does even more with plugins, of which the unofficial king is AutoVoice. AutoVoice brings new worlds of functionality to Tasker and whatever device it runs on. On newer phones, AutoVoice can add to the hands-free functions of Google Now with little effort. On older phones...
    Tasker is a great tool, but it works even better with its accessories

    Best Tasker plugins

    Tasker is a mighty powerful app in its own right, but I'll confess, one of its best features is the plugins that help it do even more than it could on its own. (The best feature is — and always will be — the wonderful support community that gathers around this app.) Plugins come in many sizes and...
    Time to take up a new task!

    Tasker advanced use

    I love Tasker. And I say it a lot. I say it so much that my keyboard's prediction now pops up Tasker after I type the word love. And Tasker can do a lot. A whole lot. But in order to do it, it needs to be programmed or you need to stick a button on your home screen, or a gesture control. I...
    Some of my voice controls in Tasker. They're awesome

    Tasker tips and tricks

    Another day, another task We've covered Tasker and the very basics of how to use it, and now, it's time for you to start playing a little bit on your own. Think of Tasker as a toy as much as a tool and you can really let loose and have fun in it. Voice controls, plugins and a little ingenuity...



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