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If there's one name synonomous with online video content, it's Netflix. Its global reach is ever expanding, and presently covers virtually all of North and South America and parts of Northern Europe. Part of the attraction is the sheer volume of on-demand movies and TV content, the relatively low monthly subscription fee and the sheer number of devices that have Netlix apps, including Android.

It's really more about the service than the app, but that isn't to say it's not a good app. Because it is. Netflix was one of the first supporters of the Google Chromecast, adding yet another way to get it on your TV. It's easy to browse and find new content and with support for profiles built in, you never need to worry about a family member interfering with your suggestions.

Netflix is free to download as part of your monthly subscription, and new customers get a chance to try it free for one month first. Can't say fairer than that. No one video service has everything just yet, but Netflix comes pretty close.


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Razer Phone is first to support HDR and Dolby Digital 5.1 on Netflix

Available soon with a future software update. */ /*-->*/ The Razer Phone's a pretty mixed bag, but without a doubt, two of its most rewarding features are its display and speaker combo. The 5.7-inch Quad HD LCD display is plenty sharp, and the industry-first 120Hz display is a joy to look...

Deal: Get Netflix free for 6 months with a Samsung Chromebook or Pixelbook

Google and Netflix have teamed up for a great deal. Freebies are always nice, especially when they are included with an expensive product. Chromebooks have long had offers for free Google Drive storage or Google Play Music, but Google and Netflix are partnering for an even sweeter deal....

Best Stranger Things Gifts

Take care of your Stranger Things fans this year. Stranger Things quickly became one of those shows where everyone who hasn't seen every episode is treated like a social pariah, and with the second season having recently hit Netflix the excitement has been renewed. If you have a Stranger Things...

Picture-in-Picture officially supported by Netflix on Android 8.1

Still no word when Netflix will support picture-in-picture on Android 8.0. Android Oreo is filled with all sorts of tweaks and changes compared to Nougat, but one of the biggest user-facing features is picture-in-picture. Picture-in-picture allows you to keep watching a video while doing other...

Netflix's DVD app finally makes its way to Android

Don't worry, we also forgot that Netflix still rented out DVDs. Before Netflix was the streaming giant that it is today, it was the king of physical DVD rentals. This rental service is still in operation as, and Netflix finally released an Android app for it so subscribers can manage...

Netflix is raising its prices in the U.S. — again

Netflix is about to get a little bit more expensive. First reported by Mashable and confirmed by Business Insider, streaming video service Netflix is raising prices for users in the U.S. The price hike will begin today for new subscribers, while those who currently have accounts will be officially...

All T-Mobile ONE family plans now include a Netflix subscription [Update: it's live]

Keep your binge going with one less subscription. Update, September 12: As expected, this offer is now live for T-Mobile ONE customers on a family plan with two or more lines. Eligibility is fairly straightforward: You'll be able to link up your T-Mobile account to a single Netflix account and the...

Netflix increases Canadian prices by up to $2 a month

Netflix is taking a gamble that Canadian customers are addicted enough to eat the extra cost. Netflix is increasing prices for Canadian customers between $1 and $2 depending on the plan. From Canadian Press (via CBC): The popular video streaming service is hiking prices for new members...

Disney will remove content from Netflix and launch its own streaming service

Streaming services to get more and more fragmented. Disney and Netflix will soon part ways. Rather than take a spoonful of sugar, Disney has announced that in two year's time, its content will no longer have a friend in Netflix. Fortunately for Disney fans, the company announced it will have...

Netflix HDR playback comes to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Netflix HDR supported devices is an exclusive little club, and it has a new member. Netflix has been ridiculously picky about what devices and formats for ultra-high-definition it supports, and as such Netflix has been slow to allow it on any device, with the LG G6 being the sole phone supported...

Verizon Wireless may be throttling Netflix and YouTube streams

Throttling seems to be an unavoidable practice these days. Use too much data and you get throttled. Use data on a busy network cell and you get throttled. But the throttling numerous reddit users have been seeing doesn't seem to match any conventional rules. Users on both new and old "Unlimited"...

Netflix adds Dolby Atmos support, but you probably can't use it yet

Netflix is adding Dolby Atmos support, but it's not coming to Android or Chromecast anytime soon. It's often said that video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and even YouTube focus too much on video enhancements at the expense of audio. As we've moved from 1080p to 4K to...


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