AOL releases pair of Android apps

AOL, an Internet and media giant if there ever was one, has released a duo of Android applications.  While it may be trendy and fun to bash AOL, the fact is that it helped usher in the Internet age, and things would look much different had they not help shaped today's landscape.  What does that have to do with an Android app you ask?  Think market share, and more importantly, mind share.  This is a sign that Android has hit critical mass, and is now a very serious player in the mobile world. 

Let's take a look at the apps (which are standouts BTW -- this is how you do it) after the break. [cnet]


AOL app list

AOl app -- themability

The first app, called simply enough "AOL" is a basic content portal for America OnLine.  But the applications quality is amazing.  Everything is laid out simple and elegant -- you can tell some thought and talent went into the design.  When you start it up, the main interface gives you a choice between News, AOL Sites, AOL apps, and AOL search.  Select any of them and you're forwarded to an equally pleasant screen for each category.  To top it off, the app is themeable in style and color.  Nice touch that often gets overlooked.

AOL News

AOL sites

AOL search

For anyone using AOL services, or thinking about it, this app is a godsend.  It's easy to use, does exactly what it says, and looks great.

AOL Daily Finance

AOL's Daily Finance

AOL Finance -- markets

AOL reminds us that it's not only tweens and chatters who appreciate their services.  Their Daily Finance application is another no-nonsense app that does what you think it should, still looks great, but isn't full of useless fluff and whiz-bangs to draw attention away from the content.  The top navigation bar gives quick access to financial news, stock trends, your personal stock portfolio, an overall view of the markets and quotes and info about a single companies stocks.  

AOL financial news

Aol finance quote

Another winner, and a no-brainer if you're using AOL's services to monitor your portfolio. 

Allow me to end with this -- I'm not an AOL fan.  I don't use any of their services, in fact I use a competitors service for everything they offer.  But I am allowed to appreciate the fact that they have created such a great pair of applications, and spent the time (and money) to do it right.  Big guns in the information service and portal world, take notice -- Android is serious, and AOL has set a bar you all need to reach for.


[Market link | AppBrain]

AOL's Daily Finance

[Market link | AppBrain]

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  • We all know how easy it is to make fun of and bash AOL. But I 100% fully agree with Jerry's point-of-view regarding how huge of a role AOL played in setting the landscape for the quick boom in consumer internet services. Plus, I love the people who rip apart AOL but have "hit me up on AIM" all over their social profiles. lol But with that being said, I am going to download the AOL app right now (don't personally need the finance one). It looks awesome!
  • AOL gets made fun of because they were really, really slow at making the transition from BBS to standard web services. They encouraged ignorance and tried to make features AROUND the web in the process.
  • Isn't AOL dead yet????
  • Apparently they are the 'Abe Vigoda' of the internet... still going. Who knew?
  • Yeah, they're like ninjas. They live on in the shadows and they just can't be killed. You may not know it, but they own popular blogs Engadget, Joystiq, and (aka WoWInsider).
  • i remember when i used to have AOL. I hated how it always said "Welcome" and "Goodbye", plus you had to use their browser to connect online when dialup was all the rage.
  • It didn't "always" do those things for me back in the day. It got on my nerves too, so I changed the sign-on and sign-off .wav files to make them be whatever I wanted them to be. And when Netscape was popular, I used that instead of AOL's browser (which I believe was Internet Explorer...I may be wrong though). I would start up AOL, minimize it and use Netscape to do my web browsing.
  • I have 8gb of app memory. so why not add another one. I just stopped paying my AOL last month 10 years. it is still my primary email. I also have. AOL 9.5 or what ever it is on the house computer.
  • Hell no. AOL's software is crapware. Doesn't matter if its on a PC, on a Mac, or on Android. It WILL be crap with advertisements, and performance zapping bloatware.
  • So, you've tried these apps and are offering a representative review based on your use? Thought not. These apps are very well written, and preform well.
  • I actually use Daily Finance on the iPhone. really like it. gonna DL this version
  • Didn't know engadget was an AOL holding...
  • AOL is very different fron the isp that many love to hate. It is now an internet media company and it does it very well. Before ripping on it, check it out and you might be pleasantly surprised/
  • Just out of curiosity, if it were 1998, would we be able to visit keyword AndroidCentral for fun Andy games and puzzles? (Ignore the lack of Android existence in 1998 and just pretend)