Another taste of Ice Cream Sandwich -- the next version of Android

While it's still unofficial -- former Google CEO Eric Schmidt went out of his way to not name it during his keynote address at Mobile World Congress -- it's hardly a secret that the next named version of Android will have something to do with Ice Cream. And it looks like "Ice Cream Sandwich" -- a name that has been rumored for months -- is starting to firm up, according to a Googler's reply on the AOSP issues forum.

The "I" version of Android will bring together features of Gingerbread and Honeycomb, Schmidt said in February. Anybody think we're going to see it unveiled next week at Google IO?

Source: AOSP issues forum; Thanks, Yuankai!

Phil Nickinson
  • so will our phones be updated to gingerbread or ice cream sandwich? I would hate for ICS to be announced while nobody has gotten gingerbread yet.
  • You yet have much to learn. Let me guide you through the dark forest. Google will announce ICS eventually. Then many will lust for it, followed by much wailing and gnashing of teeth with wrath demanding updates. Next sloth will set in on the part of manufacturers and carriers who will drag their feet, and pride from Google who will do nothing. Then eventually the updates will start coming out with lots of envy from those who don't or can't have it. Finally manufacturers will greedily release new phones with the new updates that will be gluttonously consumed by all until the cycle is complete. Such is the Android Circle of Life.
  • lololol, that seems pretty true. There is an alternative though: root + flash!
  • True, or for the less technically inclined (ie:lazy) such as myself, you can always just buy a Nexus device. I've been enjoying Gingerbread on my 1.5 yr old Nexus One for a good month now, and I'm patiently waiting for the 2.3.4 update to eventually push OTA.
  • props to your epic post
  • I'd think there would be no rush to announce Ice cream when most of us haven't had a Gingerbread update. We're not even half way done with the year yet. GINGERBREAD FOR EVO!!
  • Squeal!
  • But will Ice Cream Sandwich be for tablets or phones?
  • Both. The idea is that I.C.S. with merge the Phone and Tablet branches into one OS stream, so that apps can be developed for one version of Android instead of separately for phones and tablets.
  • I wonder if Google just waits until the internet comes up with a good name now.
  • Great. Now people will be complaining about getting Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread hasn't even rolled out for phones yet. Why can't people be patient?
  • Why can't google just slow down a bit??
  • Why can't manufacturers/carriers speed up a bit? fixed Why would you want to stall progress? Go to apple if you want the slow revelation of old tech on new items.
  • Patient? Gingerbread has been released almost half a year ago. I'm hoping that they just bypass gingerbread and gl straight to ICS. At this point anyway. I mean, why drag Gingerbread out any further. Been here since my OG Droid, and this time around seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time.
  • Love Android but man, one fragged OS huh? Is Jelly here yet?
  • Wouldn't say fragmented, just lots of FUD. As of 4/1/2011, roughly 90% of devices are on some version of Froyo. The rest is spread out to (approximately): Donut/Eclair 6%
    Gingerbread 2.5%
    Honeycomb 0.2% Most newer and higher end hardware keeps up with OS updates, although to be fair, carriers screw over the updates by molesting the OS with their bloatware and tweaks.
  • I Hope there will be proxy support for Ice cREAM
  • Why did AC switch my statement with dark_blu's statement??? Somethings wrong here. Is someone doing something fraudulant here????
    I will not post anotherthing on this site until someone answer this for me???
  • Hey there. Have no idea what you're talking about, as we certainly haven't done anything. I've e-mailed you so you can explain this a little further offline. Thx.
  • Thunderbolt here. Hope ICS. Seeing as I have GTV, XOOM and the TBolt, is like to see them all tied together better. Right now, its only a few apps, picassa, and gmail. And GTV is seriously under-performing.
  • Phil sorry, It was my computer acting up. It was showing my statements under dark_blu name and dark_blu under my name. Once I've recieved your email, I reset my web browser and it comes up correct, except for my original statement which I guess you have errased.
  • I agree with Nirvana328, remember when cellphones were just to make calls! I can't keep up, the temptation is unbearable. My phone used to be good for 2 years, now it's EOL in 6 months tops! These sites make it exciting but I gotta keep things in perspective sometimes, right?
  • As opposed to the latest iOS with no flash support. I think they're calling that the $*it sandwich. LOL
  • They won't unviel ice cream sandwich at Google IO. Think about it. Honeycomb was released less than two months ago. Two phones officially have gingerbread, and the update was pulled for one of them. Even Google doesn't release that fast. I'm expecting a 3.0.2 at IO. With it will come SD support, Lte support, and hopefully folders. It also wouldn't surprise if they released the source code. I can see a 3.1 update late this year, with a nexus 3 as the flagship.
  • Seriously though guys, stop whining. What point would there be for Google to slow down? Either way, you non nexus users would be getting updates at the same time anyways. Think about it: if Google releases one update a year and say Gingerbread would come out in a couple weeks, ICS being summer 2012, you would get them at those times, right? How is that different from now? It's not. All of Google's fast updates only affect Nexus users like myself. They don't hurt you, they just help us. Anyways, I'm expecting ICS to be the stylish overhaul that Honeycomb was for tablets. If it means that it doesn't come out until December than so be it. But if they don't release some form of Google music (even just the streaming) I might snap.
  • Only two phones officially have gingerbread? Which ones?
  • Nexus S & Nexus 1
  • And the new Xperia phones (Neo, Arc, Play) So now I'm counting 5 phones.
  • The Samsung Nexus S and HTC Nexus One. But there have been unofficial leaks of Gingerbread roms for almost every high end phone for most of the major manufacturers. You should read some of those Android blogs, sometimes they can be pretty useful.
  • Android IS hopelessly fragmented. No one knows when the phones they buy (whether cheap or premium) will get updates, or even if. Its totally up to the manufacturers. Google needs to do 2 things - - spell out clearly on their site, the update cycle for every device using Android - mandate that carriers have to support at least X number of updates, within Y months of google pushing AOSP, and make this info available at time of sale, in order to get licensed. This is one of the things both Apple and MS got right. Google couldn't care less since Android is free, and they will never set this right. The only alternative for users is to root and void their warranties and run unsupported software. Which is great, but for the majority of users this is not an option, and that's one of the really ugly sides of Android.
  • stop spreading lies about Google not caring
  • HTC's New devices Desire-s, Wildfire-S, Sensation all have 2.3 on them also the Experia Play, Neo , Arc and the Nexus-s and Nexus 1. If you take a few hours to root your device/s then most if not all can have 2.3 now - ive got a legend with 2.3.3 sense, a Galaxy-S with 2.3.3 on it and a nexus1 with 2.3.3 only the legend was a pain to root & flash. Also from what i gather is 3.0 honeycomb is tablets only and Ice Cream or 2.4/5 is phones only and will take some elements from honeycomb to use on our phones. Personally if they just included all round Hardware Gpu Acceleration thoughout the UI then that would be excellent!