Another major album release forgets about Google Play Music

Muse's "Drones" concept album is available today. According to Muse's website, you can buy it from them directly, or get it on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. Noticeably missing is Google Play Music — hardly the first time we've seen no mention of the service when a new release drops. (And it's a little interesting that Amazon only links directly to physical versions, though it's readily available there in MP3 form, and for a few dollars less, too, which may have something to do with it.)

"Drones" certainly is available on Google Play Music, however. You can give it a listen here.

Next time something from your favorite band or artist hits, take a look and see if they (their label, really) mention that it's also on Google Play Music. There's still some work to be done there, apparently.

Phil Nickinson