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Android's latest numbers: 350,000 devices activated daily, 3 billion app installs

So how's Android doing these days? During today's Q1 2011 earnings call, Jeff Huber, senior vice president of commerce and local, announced that some 350,000 Android devices are being activated every day. That's almost 2.5 million a week, folks. That's a lot of devices.

As for the Android Market, it's seen more than 3 billion applications installed. Not too shabby, eh, especially when you consider it's a 50 percent increase over the fourth quarter of 2010, Google said.

During the Q&A, the question of how that 350,000 per day breaks down by device and region was asked.  Jeff Huber responded that they do not differentiate by device, but they expect a huge growth from the Tablet sector as more and more devices are released.  He went on to say that Android has a large presence in the U.S, Europe, Japan and Korea; and the international market is showing very strong growth.

Developing ...

  • I wonder how many of those daily apps are because I (like many here) flash ROMs almost daily?
  • I will be a +1 to those numbers in the coming weeks. Pretty excited about it actually.
  • I got my first in January and couldn't be happier. My wife loves hers as well. You will like it.
  • Christmas Lloyd in the background, lol
  • 3 billion applications installed being deal , Nokia OVI store gets 5 million per day.
  • What about app catalog increase, it should be more than 150k official apps by now although I know there's alot more.
  • what are apple numbers
  • Apps are essential to the smartphone and tablet experience. I used to own an iPhone, but when I switched to Android so far I am not looking back. I love my Nexus One, and just ordered my Nexus S. On the tablet side, I have an original iPad at home and have been waiting for the perfect Honeycomb tablet to come out and that will be compatible with the bands where I live (the Xoom is no good, I need 850Mhz HSDPA). The one thing that really has me frustrated is the Android Market, and (I hate to say it), this has me almost wavering over to buy an iPad 2 !!! ---- It is ridiculous that I can see apps on the Android Market but that I cannot purchase them (I'm one of those users willing to PAY for apps), because of region, or something, there is no clear explanation, just a message that tells you that the app cannot be installed on your device.... This I do not understand, and is really wrong. I'm willing to drop $800 on a Honeycomb tablet (probably would get more, for all the staff also), but I'm having doubts, since will I spend $800 for a tablet with only a great OS that I cannot get any apps for, because I cannot purchase them?? Even the Amazon App Store came out, but it only works for the US..... Again, I hate to say it, but this is something that Apple really has it right. All I need to do is have money in my iTunes account, and I can buy anything I want. This is the single issue that may steer me over the an iPad 2, even though the one I really want is a Honeycomb tablet !!!