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Android Quick App - GoodNews Google Reader

I'll admit, coming from mostly a BlackBerry background I struggled when hopping onto Android in finding some apps that fit my needs. Not due to lack of apps, but mostly due to the fact there were so many to choose from. RSS readers, for example, was one genre in particular that stuck out as having plenty of options, but none that seemingly fulfilled my needs.

Luckily, I came across GoodNews Google Reader, which fit nicely into what I was looking for. Given that I maintain a lot of RSS feeds, GoodNews handles them and the sharing aspect of RSS feeds quite nicely. The ability to listen to and play podcasts from with the app itself was an added bonus. While in beta the app did have some rough edges but for the most part they are now a thing of the past. Jump on past the break for a full list of features built into the app.

GoodNews Google Reader

Basic Features:

  • Local Synchronization with Google Reader
  • Innovative immediate push synchronization
  • Locale and Tasker integration via add-on
  • 30+ settings for perfect customization
  • Introduction tips for quick start
  • Supports Android 1.5 and higher
  • Supports all screen sizes
  • English and German language

GoodNews Google Reader

News Reading:

  • Read list for later reading
  • Edit article tags
  • Quick buttons in list for - read state, starred state, read list
  • Volume key navigation

GoodNews Google Reader

Audio Podcasts:

  • Play list
  • Stop and resume downloads
  • Download complete play list
  • Adaptive live streaming

Each app always has a "Good, the bad and the ugly" section -- for GoodNews those sections break down like this for me personally.

The Good: The UI is nice and fluid, easy to navigate and everything is laid out nicely and intuitively. The app just works so well and is so customizable to your tastes that it really does cater to your needs when it comes to being a go to RSS reader.

The Bad: It costs money to remove the ads, if you decide as though you want to. I'm not saying developers shouldn't be paid for their apps by any means but GoodNews still has some bugs. The ad-free license costs around $2, depending on your locale.

The Ugly: I've been using GoodNews for a while now and with each and every update, something new gets fixed -- a previous bug, a complaint with the UI-- something always gets fixed. These fixes however often cause something else to break, not a deal breaker by any means but you should be aware of it.

Overall, the minor bugs and beta feel to it all is easily overlooked during use. There is tons of potential here and out of the box so to speak GoodNews is a great app. When they get around to adding video podcasts to the mix I can see it becoming my go to app for that as well. If you're needing a new RSS reader and want to step out of the norm, give GoodNews a look. It's free to download and cheap to remove the ads if you find them to be intrusive.

  • I had been trying to find a replacement for Google Listen, which is terrible. I stumbled on this on an obscure blog and have been using for about a month. It's not perfect, but overall it's excellent. I highly recommend it.
  • I miss Viigo!! It was one of the best RSS readers for the BB and probably the reason RIM decided to buy the company! If they were still standing alone, they would have had an Android version available by now!
  • Thank you for featuring this app as I am a big fan. Your write up is very fair and generally accurate, I would just mention that the dev is highly responsive and receptive to feedback. I have emailed hima few times with comments and i always get a response very quickly, that and the great app have made me a fan...this is the best app for reading feeds that I have found and I've tried them all, I always end up coming back to goodnews and have since stopped looking for anything better.
  • i haven't tried this but i personally think google reader's mobile site works very well, better than any RSS app that i've tried in the past. it includes your google listen subscriptions plus all the options to star, email, edit tags, etc. give it a shot, it's what i use most on my phone.
  • Do the podcasting functions support pre-downloading and multi-tasking? Multi-tasking in particular is a deal killer.
  • Nice. I'm hooked on Feedly. I've been using it on the destktop for some time, and they finally released an Android app a few weeks ago. Love it!