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Android Quick App: Enhanced Email

For corporate users, or anyone without a Gmail account, really, Android's stock e-mail client can leave something to be desired. If you're looking for an e-mail app that can offer multiple Exchange accounts and sync IMAP/POP3 accounts simultaneously, I suggest Enhanced Email.

Enhanced Email is an email client based 100 percent off of the source code from Gingerbread. What that means is you'll be getting all of the goodies from the stock e-mail client plus all of the extra bits and pieces the developer has thrown in. Let's take an in-depth look at these features after the jump.

The interface looks and feels just like you'd expect it to. Being based off of AOSP code, everything from the Combined Inbox to your individual accounts is familiar, and that's not a bad thing.

Once you've set up your first account, you're able to see where Enhanced Email really excels: the settings menus. Dive into the Account Settings, for example, and you'll see some of the same options: Account name, Your name, etc.

Choosing Account color, however, yields you a more specific and easier to use color selection panel. A definite step up from the stock Android color wheel and one of those little things that help set Enhanced Email apart.

The Message Settings menu is also a welcome change, offering options for Mobile View, plain text for both inbound and outbound mail, and the option for Auto-BCC, just in case. The Mobile View both looks and works like a charm, keeping everything nice and scaled to your screen. There's also Debug Settings and Global Settings, but the Global Settings are nothing new.

Enhanced Email also includes two widgets (one labeled, one unlabeled), and two themes (light and dark).

Enhanced Email is essentially just an app about options. The developer gives you more opportunities to customize how your emails are handled, but it's definitely not going to be for everyone. If you're the type who only needs one email account handled, you're probably fine to keep using the stock client. However, if you absolutely need an assortment of Exchange accounts and IMAC/POP3 accounts being checked at once, Enhanced Email is definitely the way to go.

At $9.99, the price may seem steep, but if you're hurting for these features, it's a small price to pay. The developer also boasts an active community where users can request features and troubleshooting help.

Overall, Enhanced Email is a good alternative email client. It does what it advertises, but for many, the differences between it and the stock email client might not be enough to justify the price. Fortunately, the developer does offer a 24-hour trial that can be found on his forum.

  • 10bills? I mean I did pay 15 for SPB lol. But for a mail app? damn... I don't know about that one.
  • In my opinion, both are way overpriced.
  • I have been using this app for a couple of months now and really like it. It works great with my work exchange account, and my personal accounts. I really like the combined inbox. That was a feature I missed from my palm Pre. The only thing that I don't like is that when I reply to an email, the previous email is an attachment instead of the text being under my new email text.
  • Comparing this to AOSP really doesn't tell me anything. How does it compare to K9 Mail and what does it have that makes it worth $10 when K9 is Open Source and free? More options are always a good thing but I see nothing so far that justifies the price tag.
  • I've used this app since it was a project on xda developers a year ago. The developer is awesome and has spent months on this project. I had the xda release originally, then bought it in the market when it was first available at $5. I would easily pay $10 for it now with all the added features. If there is something his customers would liked improved it usually happens and benefits everyone. Try the trial, then give the man his due!
  • So, let me get this right, some guy takes the already written source code, adds a few bells and whistles and asks $10 for it. Errm, I think I'll give that a miss.
  • This article doesn't even scratch the surface of what the app does.
    Most other email clients that handle exchange policies are $20+. One feature alone makes it worth the price.... No pin-lock requirement (Exchange).
  • I agree with the comment about k9, which I've used without any problem since the early days of Android. I don't see what this one does that k9 doesn't.
  • I tried Enhanced Mail, K9, Touchdown and several others. I think I spent close to $100 trying various exchange mail clients. None of them work anywhere near as smoothly and easily as the native HTC Sense mail client. I would love to be able to use another mail client as it would allow me to move to different ROMs that aren't Sense-based, but there just isn't any comparison.
  • I won't pay $10 bucks for an email app. Stock emails work quite well. They must have knocked their head - ain't no email app worth that much.(IMO) PS. I paid $15 dollars for SPB Shell 3D, because it's an awesome UI.
  • Is it just me, or does the app not support push/IDLE for imap accounts? If that's true, no way I'm paying.
  • I am currently evaluating this app (it is actually a 7 day now and not a 24 hr eval) and I have been using K9 in the past for my POP/Gmail accounts. I also had to use another ptogram for Exchange. What I like about this program is you can do all types from this one program. K9 says it can do Exchange but I have NEVER been able to get it setup and I am a techie! Another SUPER AWESOME feature is that this program integrates your calendar and contatcs into the native apps on your device. Now I don't have to worry about keeping tabs on multiple calendars. That alone is worth thr $9.99! Plus I have gotten replies to all my emails in a VERY timely manner. Once my eval is over I may just buy this program.
  • maybe if Amazon stopped giving away games free they might consider this free. I am unemployed right now and would like this, but not at 9.99
  • one more comment.... Being in the IT world and working with developers I can say this. Email apps HAVE to charge what they do. They have to pay Microsoft an absorbent amount of money per customer that buys an app because they own the patent for Activesync. At $9.99 he is probably making the least amount of money whereas companies like Touchdown are recouping their losses by charging $20. Just my two cents.
  • This app is not for everyone. But can be very valuable for those really need it: those need to sync with their corporate Exchange server but couldn't due to the lame implementation in the standard Android email client. Ever since my company moved to Exchange 2007, the default email client on my AT&T Captivate (running 2.2 ROM) can never connect to it. I've tried Android SDK emulators and all of the Google's native email clients in Android 2.3.3 and HoneyComb 3.0 suffer the same problem. In the meantime, Touch Down, Moxier Mail and this EnhancedMail apps all work without problem. I've tried K-9 and it didn't work either. Out of all the three apps that work, Enhanced Mail is the cheapest. However, it is worth to point out that the contact integration is read-only. You can't make changes to exchange contacts. Nor exchange calendar events.
  • The stock mail app can't even search Exchange email which is pretty sad and has me on the fence about dropping $10 for this one.
  • I use Touchdown for work email. I have not checked out this app yet, but Touchdown was $20 when I got it. It allows global address look up (requires a separate app with the built in email). It allows you to respond to meeting requests with accept, reject, tentative just like in outlook. It allows you to have the LED a different color for exchange emails. It also has a really nice interface. The stock exchange client really doesn't have enough capability for work use. That said I don't know that I would want my work and home lumped together in one program like it sounds like Enhanced Email does.
  • this developer is awesome! great client and ballsy. full hotmail activesync support makes this a must have client. $10 is a bit high for an android application but I am glad I made the investment. apparently shafty023 has hunted down crackers in forums and chastised them for co-enabling pirates ———————–

    if anyone had paid attention, there are piracy measures in v1.22.5 and up which will exploit a bug in superuser after an undisclosed amount of days and wipe your data partition and sdcard partition. If you don’t have root it’ll attempt to root your phone and then execute these measures. Not to mention emailing everyone in your contacts database plus corporate exchange address book that you pirate software. How does it do this? How does it know it’s pirated? Through copy protection (CRC checking for changes to any file) in the code + market licensing checks + other piracy measures which will remain a secret. How is this legal? You’re stealing software which means you forfeit the ability to take legal action :) Enjoy everyone!

    ———————– That doesn’t sound legal though. I heard about the bomb in Enhanced Email and would like to hear expert feedback on the legality and risk to a PAYING customer if his bomb suffers a bug or two. This seems like a great way to have google yank an application from android market... and then I won't have any more updates :(