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Android Phones Get Their Screens Compared, Which is the Best ?

Android devices all have large, clear screens that are amazingly video-friendly. Sure, the Nexus One and Droid took it to the next level but for the most part, Android screens have been pretty awesome. So did you ever wonder which Android device had the best screen? We sure did.

AndroidHD attempts to answer that question by gathering 6 Android devices together for your viewing pleasure. Specifically, they've pitted the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, European HTC Hero, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus One, and Acer Liquid side by side in a video demo, so you can be the judge on who has the best screen.

The video is available after the jump and by our eyes, the order goes: Nexus One, Droid, Liquid, Galaxy, Hero, & myTouch 3G. And though the Nexus One wins, there were some instances when the picture seemed too 'red'. Be sure to let us know which Android phone you think has the best screen in the comments!

Watch the video after the jump!

[via engadget

  • Nexus One by far !!!!
  • You don't even need to see it in person to grasp how much better the Nexus One's screen is compared to the other Android phones. Just looking at the low quality video it is obvious. The Droid's screen isn't in the same league as the Nexus One's.
  • Are you saying that you've never compared them hands-on? The video doesn't do justice for any of the three phones.
  • The droid. Now, I've had/used both the N1 and the Droid, and the droid wins hands down. For the following reasons; *Larger screen (Yes, those few extra pixels make a difference with some apps) *The N1's reds where hazy, almost orange. *Try taking the N1's screen out into the sun, can you see it now? No, but I can see the Droids. Again, these are the results I got from my little tests.
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  • Clearly you're both trolls and both have no clue what you're talking about
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  • I would say that the Droid is best, but if the N1 could fix it's "red issue" (it's pretty over saturated in more than just red, but red is the most noticeable) then it might squeak by the Droid (maybe.) Either way, they all have nicer screens than most any other phones. I agree with GenericMessage about the few extra pixels that the Droid has actually making a difference- some people wouldn't think so, but it really does make things a tad more crisp than the lower res N1.
  • Droid is the clear winner. I own neither phone but...........
    Wow I was going to get an N1 but after watching that video I will get a Droid.
    The N1 blues and reds were off..Way off. and notice the pinkish appearance of the entire video. I am surprised.
  • I'm a Droid owner, but I'd still recommend taking a hands-on look at both. They're both incredible phones- I just tend to think the Droid, with a higher resolution screen, is a tad more crisp and has more neutral coloring (not overly saturated- but, some people like a more saturated screen.)
  • Droids wins I agree totally! I already have one thank u very much LOL.....
  • I don't see how anyone is claiming a clear winner based on this video. Heck, the video itself isn't very clear, and its resolution doesn't do justice to ANY of the displays. People watching this video with a predetermined winner in mind will come away thinking that their odds-on favorite was clearly the winner. I'm happy with my Droid. If you're happy with your phone, isn't that what matters?
  • Amen to that. There is no clear winner. One screen may have different coloring, while the other is higher resolution- which do you prefer? A lower res with saturated colors, or a higher res display with more neutral coloring?
  • I'll always go with the screen that has the more realistic natural look. From this video no justice is served. I'd have to use both and experience it hands on. But my expectation is the Droid would be slightly better because of the few extra pixels.
  • What about the moment? although a smaller screen, it has one of the best screen out there on a device.
  • I agree !! I have the Moment and I think the AMOLED screen is beautiful even though it's a bit smaller.
  • Between the Moto Droid and the HTC Nexus 1, I think the Droid has a superior display. I have owned a Droid since early December and I had a N1 (until I returned it) for almost two weeks. The display on the N1 is unquestionably nice, but the Droid's is better. As many others have said, the Droid is more visible in bright sunlight. While the N1 does have a very vibrant display, red and orange is over saturated and unnatural looking. However, the biggest issue for me is the higher resolution of the Droid's display. The N1 is 480*850 and the Droid is 480*854. Many people think that the droid only has 54 more vertical pixels than the N1, but that's incorrect. That would be 54 * 480 pixels which is 25,920 more pixels than the N1. That's a good number of extra pixels on the Droid and it absolutely makes a difference in the readability of text at small font sizes.
  • The droid has a 480 * 854 = 409920
    The Nexus has a 480 * 850 = 408000 Therefore the droid only has 1920 more pixels, but that is a definite increase in clarity.
  • You are wrong! The N1 is 480 X 800. The droid has a better resolution
    by 54. It is 54 X 480 = 25,920 pixels.
  • The first post was correct but there was a typo in it that made the math all confusing. I assume that's why the second poster "corrected" the math. Looking at the video on my netbook it's a little difficult to see the color issue people are talking about but from what I see the N1's screen looks a lot crisper. However I am very satisfied with the screen on my Droid.
  • I'll always go with the screen that has the more realistic natural look. From this video no justice is served. I'd have to use both and experience it hands on. But my expectation is the Droid would be slightly better because of the few extra pixels.
  • Droid offers the most accurate colors.
  • The N1 has the darkest blacks because of its OLED screen. Because of this, everything on the phone pops and is very vivid. I haven't had any trouble using the phone in sunlight. As for the difference in resolution, you're not going to be able to see anything more with the few extra pixels and for all real purposes the Droid and N1 have the same resolution. Yes the reds are a bit off on the N1...but the blacks more than make up for it. The Droid also cannot show the details the OLED screen can, especially the dark details. I also find the Droid to be a bit too blue. I really wish we could calibrate our screens. Or better yet, they could come calibrated to 6500K stock.
  • AMOLED not OLED big difference.
  • Having both a Nexus One (on T-Mobile) and a Droid (verizon). I can say the Nexus One beats the droid hands down. Especially at night or indoors. The Droid has so much light leakage on its screen (due to it being a backlit LCD), while the N1 screen leaks almost no light at night. I am blinded by the Droid screen when trying to use it at night, even on the lowest setting. One advantage the Droid has is it can be used as a flashlight at night.
  • Lets put this all to rest shall we? When looking at television's what's one thing we want to know? DPI or PPI right? Thats the same for printers as well. Obviously the higher of these dots, the better! 1080 is better than 720 obviously. So lets compare: Nexus 1: 252.15 ppi Droid: 265 ppi *shrugs* I just want the numbers to be known
  • Well, there are some points to be taken about the comparison between Droid and N1. 1. Among rectangles with all the same diagonal size, one that's close to the square has the largest surface size. So, N1 is little bigger than Droid. If there is 4:3 3.7" screen, this would be larger. 2. Some day, AMOLED screen will take over the LCD, but not now. AMOLED might be good for saving some battery juice, but also has some weaknesses compared to LCD, like red/orange saturation and the level of brightness (without backlight). So saying which one is better is more about personal preference. 3. 854x480 is 16:9 and can display wide screen video in full screen (like Youtube HD), while with 800x480, either the sides are cut, or sized down to fit. Not much difference, but this matters for some people. Again, personal preference. So actually, no one can say which one is definitely better, while they can say one of them is better their taste.
  • cliq, yo.