Android P will officially be released during Q3 2018

Android Pie logo on a Pixel 2 XL
Android Pie logo on a Pixel 2 XL (Image credit: Android Central)

After plenty of speculation, Android P is finally here – well, sort of. The first developer preview was officially released on March 7, 2018, and while it's still incredibly buggy and unstable, gives us an early look at what we can expect for the software's final release. Thanks to a timeline that was recently shared on the Android Developers site, we now have a better idea as to when that'll happen.

In early May, Google will release Developer Preview 2. This will see Android P exiting the alpha stage and entering its official beta, and we should get an announcement for this change during Google I/O that's scheduled to take place between May 8th and the 10th.

Also, while it's not officially confirmed quite yet, DP2 should also see Android P open up as a public beta that anyone can access if they so choose.

Early June will see the release of DP3, and this will introduce Android P's final APIs, Play publishing, and official SDK. DP4 will follow later in the month as a release candidate for testing, and DP5 will come out in either late July or early August as a final release candidate.

Lastly, Google will push the final build of Android P at some point in August. That's a good six months from the time of publishing this article, but as more developer previews are released during that time, we'll be able to see Android P change and mature into what'll be available at launch.

Based on what we've seen so far, what are you most excited for with Android P?

Here's how to download the Android P Pixel Launcher

Joe Maring

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  • I'm still waiting for Oreo on my unlocked MZ2P. I'm part of the MFN , so I should be first in line. Hard to get excited about P, when I still need O.
  • Still waiting on oreo lol
  • And by Q3 2019 it will have a 5% adoption rate.
  • Yep...the people that bought pixels....yeah me!
  • Same here.
  • When on Galaxy S8 plus??? Q3 2020.
  • Not excited for the notch ☹️
  • Beta program should be fun this year.
  • In Q4 2018 we will see the inevitable update from 9.0 to 9.1 and then it will finally be stable enough to use. In Q1 2019 LineageOS will start to release nightlies based on 9.1 (which they'll call 16.1) and then perhaps by Q2 2019 most of the manufacturers/carries will release their 9.0 or 9.1 updates, just in time for Google to release Android Q DP and restart the cycle again...
  • Meanwhile Samsung has yet to get my S8+ off of the Beta. Still waiting on the official OTA of Oreo on T-Mobile.
  • This... among other reasons, is why I would suggest to anyone that asks, to buy a Pixel.
  • If only the Pixel wasn't boring. I don't chase updates anymore. Once it does come then you realize there was really nothing much to be obsessing about.
  • ^This. I went from a Note 8 to the newer PIXEL XL just to check it out. I couldn't go back to the Note 8 fast enough... I don't need current OS over basic features, lol. GLAD the market has choices though! That is the point!
  • It's so cute how so many people get their panties in a bunch over the "newest" OS.
  • I'm sorry that spending $1000 on a flagship device that doesn't have the bleeding edge software on it seems silly to me. And having had a Samsung as recently as a year ago, I am not missing anything by having my Pixel 2XL. And yes...this is all about choice. Some want great phones and updates too. Some want great phones and don't care about updates. To each...his own.
  • Looking forward to the new notification panel, and the volume control. Meh about the launcher...for now, could change in May when my Pixel 2 XL gets it.
  • Are we sure P is for Publix? That green one sure looks like it.
  • Android (P)izzelle!
  • *Pizzle
  • Share that android P wallpaper in the article please!
  • Ok, now my note4 running 6.1 is starting to feel a little long in the tooth....but, outside of the OS, the phone is still a beast and that's why I'm in no rush to replace it. Note4/s5 were/are stellar iterations
  • The worst thing Android is how much you have to sacrifice if you want to get updates. Pixel doesn't have a micro sd nor a 3.5mm jack. The only way you're going to get good updates outside of a Google phone is to root and go with lineage
  • I think again it's all choice/how you use your device. I had a SD card previously...which only served to show me I didn't need one cause I NEVER used it. Same with headphone jack....I use the gym and in the car. Jack is of no use to me. Others appreciate it apparently.
  • Maybe they will announce it with Pixel 3?
  • The new notifications and screen transitions seem nice. The shade over the launcher dock is awful. It takes away from your home screen designs. It is awful.
  • Still waiting on Oreo here too! LOL!
  • Oh good, I should have my Pixel 2 XL before Android P is released.