What's the Android N easter egg? We still don't know

So we've go the Android N Developer Preview. We've new factory images for a handful of devices. We've got a bunch of new little features to play with.

One thing we don't yet have, however, is the Android N easter egg.

That's not a huge surprise, on one hand, because the Android N easter egg could very well give away what the nickname will actually be.

We've been playing a Marshmallow-themed version of Flappy Bird for a while now, and Lollipop before that. KitKat brought a giant K, then android-themed tiles. Jelly Bean was — you guessed it — a cascade of jelly beans. Ice Cream Sandwich saw the introduction of Nyan Cat!. Honeycomb was a black-and-blue neon bee. Gingerbread was a creepy (but wonderfully drawn) zombie cookie.

You get the idea. So what do you think the N nickname will be? Take our poll!

Phil Nickinson