Android Market passes 100,000 'apps'

Back in July, we reported that the Android Market had grown to 70,000 applications. Well, now that number has hit six digits as Google has officially set the bar at 100,000 apps via a short Tweet from their Android Developer account. Some could argue that many of these apps are simply wallpapers, ringtones, soundboards and the like, but that really isn't the point. With Apple's App Store standing at about 300,000 (many of which are junk, just like on the Android Market), there really is no longer an argument for iOS being superior to Android based solely on the number of apps. So, can we just agree that both platforms have pretty much every kind of app you could want and move on to more meaningful comparisons? [Twitter]

  • Yeah and still no Netflix app. GET BUSY!!!!
  • I really dont care about other 199,998 apps that are on iphone. All I want by christmas is Netflix and Plants vs. Zombies!
  • Yeh right I have an iPhone and an evo and the apps are night and day. Android market is so boring and all the really great apps appeared only on ios. Making it the number 1 reason I still have two phones. Seriously not even a tenth of my app collection on my iPhone can be found on android, but most of android apps can be found on ios. They should rip down the market and try it again. It needs to steel those developers who are making apps for iPhone . No netflix or hulu huh that's just the start. We just got gameloft but we get all the old titles while iPhone has the sequels. I'm So tired of the market, if android didn't have flash I might not have even gotten an android device.
  • Don't worry the developers are coming. As android takes over as the number one mobile os the developeesa will start to pour in. With iPhone sales dropping and android sales soaring the developers will follow the money.
  • Keep living in la la land. Developers can't make money from the cheap azz users on Android who only want things for free.
  • PvZ would be great, and I would love to see tower defense games on the same level as Fieldrunners. Angry Birds looks great on my Epic. Numbers mean nothing if the level of quality doesn't rise.
  • when we say app count what we really mean is the games. it's all about the games kyle and android is SERIOUSLY lacking :-( apple knows it but google ignores.
  • Illiyon... you don't follow business trends very well do you? It's taken apple four years to build that app store and android has taken two years to close the gap by 1/3. The devs are migrating and expanding to android its only a matter of time. Angry birds is a perfect example. Don't be an ass, think outside the box and look at the big picture.
  • Hey genius, the app store was opened only 3 months before the Android market. Use your brain for once.
  • Great, but no video editing app of any kind yet... (sigh)
  • Hey don't forget about RIM's BlackBerry App World! *SIGH*
  • So far I haven't spent a dime in the android market; there are so many useful apps available for free (mostly ad supported). Pretty much everything I've needed I have been able to find. Most of the arguments about which platform is better seems to boil down to which has more/better games.
  • We still lacking netflix and hulu plus....hopefully they make one for us.
  • i have an android phone, but i wish when news like this was reported they would be a tad bit specific.
    i say this because of the many phones that do not run 2.2... smh
  • Watch out Apple!!!!!!!!!
  • I wonder why is Apple gay boyz trying to invade us here in our forums, it must of really bother them that we hit 100,000 cause that's when the haterz speak so ouch!!!
  • This is a product of the education system.