What you need to know

  • The app is currently in a pre-register stage.
  • Duet works via software and a USB cable.
  • You'll have access to touchscreen functions as you'd use on your phone or tablet.

Fans of Android are well aware of the gap that exists between apps on the platform vs. iOS. This gap applies to apps that are available on both operating systems, but even more so towards apps that we can only find on iOS without a true option on Android. Finally, an app that has been previously developed only on iOS is making its debut to Android users.

Duet is an app — developed by a team of former Apple engineers — that lets you turn your phone, tablet, or Chromebook into a secondary display for your Windows or Mac computer.

Using the app seems to be pretty straightforward. You install Duet on your computer, download it on the device you want to use as the secondary display, launch both programs, and connect with a USB cable — POOF, you're extra productive.

The team at Duet says that there is zero lag and is supposed to be very battery efficient. It's great to see that the ability to use touchscreen functions (like pinch to zoom and scrolling) will still be available on your secondary display.

The system requirements to use the app only details software needed, so it's unclear what is going to be needed from a processor, RAM, or graphics card standpoint. As for those software requirements, however, Duet works with all Android devices running 7.1 or newer, Macs on 10.14 Mojave or later, and all PCs running Windows 10 or later.

While the app isn't available to download just yet for Android, it is up for pre-register in the Google Play Store — indicating that it should launch soon for everyone to use.

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