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Android App Review: G4 TV

G4 has changed a bit since its birth in the TechTV days, but its new app is absolutely packed with features and awesomeness. Videogame fans have long had to deal with the mobile versions of popular gaming websites, such as Gamespot or G4's own version. These were often clunky and slow even on the latest phone. Navigation was a nightmare and often video was left out entirely. Join me past the break to discover how G4 has shown the gaming press how its done. 

The app takes a few seconds to load the first time, but after that it starts up pretty much instantly. Your home screen of sorts contains a scrolling ticker of picture links at the top, not unlike what we found in Pulse. These are typically the biggest stories, such as the recent Bioshock : Infinite announcement. Below it is a more standard scrollable list of the latest news, articles, and other tidbits that G4 posts throughout the day. 

Hitting the menu button will bring up links to the other main sections of the app, which include videos and a games finder. Hitting on "more" lets you access pages for specific G4 shows as well as a schedule of their programing. 

Going into the "Games" section, you can quickly find games under "Most Popular" or "Most Recent," which seems to be a list of games that have recently released. You can further refine these lists by selecting a platform of your choice. Each game has its box art, name, platform, release date, and score (if reviewed) for quick reference. Tapping on a game (in my case, StarCraft 2 because it is amazing) brings you to that game's hub. From here, you can quickly read the review, find news, or watch any related videos of that game. In my case, SC2 brought up the video review, the amazing trailer (which you truly need to watch), a clip of Morgan Webb and Kevin Pereira talking about the game, and a couple other interesting pieces. Video quality on my Droid Incredible was great over Wifi, with the video starting after only a few seconds and suffering from no lag or jitters once it did. Honestly, their video streaming is at least as good as what you will find in the native YouTube app, if not better.

The "Videos" section works much the same way. You can browse by most recent or delve into clips specific to G4's most popular shows: X-Play and Attack of the Show (AOTS). There is also a tab for G4's web shows if you are interested in those. Another great feature is the ability to search from anywhere in the app by hitting your phone's "search" button or hitting the little search icon present in the top-right. Using this, I was quickly able to find articles about Civ 5, for instance. 

If you aren't convinced you need to download this app by now, let me make one final appeal. If you are a gamer, you need this app. You need it because that Halo : Reach trailer only gets better with double-digit viewing. You need it because the Lions sure aren't going to make it to the Super Bowl in real life any time soon. And if nothing else, you need it so you will know Cops is on for 2 straight hours tonight. G4 has taken the time to show every other gaming press organization how it's done, and you really should check it out if you have any interest in gaming. So, get to the downloading! [AppBrain]

  • I will still never forgive G4 for their merger and subsequent MURDER of TechTV. That channel was everything I could ask for, and it was eaten by a channel that assumes all gamers are hopeless dateless nerds.
  • Yeah, I agree with most of your post. It was shameful what they did with Tech TV.... buut, I bet Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton are just laughing their asses off now... they're bigger than ever and on their own terms... and TWIT TV and Revision 3 have their own apps for android too... wait! You all know this already.
  • its about time, ive been waitng for it to hit Android
  • Finally!
  • just got app. Its not current. Im watching AOTS right now and its showing shows from last week. Dont see a "On todays show" link. same with x play
  • G4 sucks! Techtv forever!
  • ...You're right about G4 Joe. I used to think I was missing something before DirectTV got that channel, only to see montage after montage of videogame cut-scenes set to music. TechTV was a great channel. Now it's like FX lite...
  • they should make an IGN app! much better than G4
  • dont know what techtv is. but i watch g4 every day. Ninja Warrior, x play, AOTS, unbeatable banzuki, effin science
  • I hate G4 with a a passion. They have completely destroyed one of my favorite channels: my beloved TechTV. TechTV just had such a laid-back feel to it. I can just sit back and just watch their shows for hours. I LOVED Call for Help. I have been watching X-play since the very first episode. The show now is completely unwatchable. It's like watching something out of MTV. Once I saw this app on AppBrain, I threw up and little in my mouth.
  • Gah, not showing on my market, via search or Q-Code. Why does God and the United States hate Canada?
  • Retarded copyright laws and lawyers are to blame.
  • hell, it's about time...
  • cant find it in the app store and the link takes me no where
  • Good god. You guys really need to get over the TechTV merger. It was six years ago. TechTV was in trouble after spending tons of money trying to become the tech version of CNN with the all day show TechLive. Comcast bought and merged them with G4 and only the shows that performed well stayed on the network. Face it guys, TechTV would be gone even if Comcast didn't buy them. At least now we still have X-Play and Attack of the Show (which evolved from The Screen Savers).
  • "G4 has changed a bit since its birth in the TechTV days" If by that you mean "has been a never-ending spiral of suck since before Comcast decided to destroy one of the finest channels on TV", then yes, I'd agree with you there. Honestly, TechTV was nearly the only thing I ever watched on TV (I remember back when it was ZDTV!). Once it disappeared, so did my subscription. G4 was a horrible channel before it merged with TechTV, and then it infected that glorious bastion of legitimate tech broadcasting with its horrid form of nerd-gamer-syphilis. Heck, I'm a nerd gamer and I hated it. I still get AOTS e-mails in my old spam account. That thing is a twisted, withered shadow of what was once a fantastic program. Anything G4 (save for the odd old Mac) just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh. On that note, I'm happy to see that Rev3 and TWiT have thrived in the void G4 created, and I try to catch Leo LaPorte whenever he's broadcasting. Good luck to those guys!
  • I loved Tech TV and the early days of G4. Now, the suckiness of the channel renders it completely un-watchable. That's why I give Leo Laporte and our good friends at as one of my primary sources of tech news and internet views. Sorry G4, but you guys seriously ruined a very fantastic TV station. As much as I love Morgan Webb, even Morgan isn't enough to save G4. It's become the bastard child of a marriage between Spike TV and MTV. Since I am the consumer, it's my right to complain about it. That's why G4 has not been watched in the last year with any consistency. I will continue to watch less and less until they really get some tech content & interesting shows.