Android fan posts video response to Apple's 'If you don't have an iPhone' ads

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Apple has tried (and failed) to let us know that if we don't have an iPhone we can't pay for our coffee, we don't have books in our pockets, we don't have an application store, and we don't have a tiny magical box filled with unicorn tears.  OK, maybe they didn't say that last one.  Android fan and filmmaker mmace decided that rather than shake his head like the rest of us slackers, he would rebut, and I think he's done quite the job!  He also wants to urge everyone to join the fun and make their own video showing just what we do have when we're toting an Android phone.  Now get the cameras out and get to work!  Thanks, John!

Update: The new version of this begs for a second look.  With a voiceover, this went from great, to incredible.  Very nice work, my hats off to all involved.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Haha I like how the screen-shot that was chosen happens to have a typo in it :p aimated = animated
  • Well the odds were pretty huge, considering there are hundreds of typos or flat-out misspelled words in every paragraph he wrote lol. I guess English wasn't his strength. No matter though, it's still all true and funny. Apple's ads are sometimes kind of clever, but this time they really, honestly failed and fizzled's not even clever in the least, and the whole ad holds no truth to it.
  • If you don't have an iPhone, you are a smarter man. If you have an iPhone, you can go f**k yourself :)
  • Not to be a total ass but that video wasn't all that great. Mediocre at best. Not even a voice over??
  • I agree %100. Imagine if they tried to use this advertisement on TV; people would just laugh and say, "I'm definitely getting an iPhone. Androids are BORING like that commercial." I like H TC commercials, they have entertainment value.
    Edit: Damn Android Central filters. I have to edit my posts all the time now before they go through.
  • I agree as well. Sorry buddy, but if you're not going to put more quality behind this, why bother?
  • Sorry but if you all above are not going to pay for a professional voice actor, the cameras and whatever else he may need to make the video more professional then I think you should just let it go. I still got the message he was saying loud and clear. Would it work as a TV spot? No. But I'm glad he did it anyway.
  • He should have used an iPhone/iPad 2 to shoot the video and iMovie to edit. LMAO.
  • "Sequences not shortened." cherry.
  • def. my favorite part.
  • "Screen Images NOT simulated"
  • If I don't have an iphone life will go on as usual with my Evo.
  • Fight the power! google needs to see this, this would make a boss commercial.
  • still got my old G1 I'd pick it over the iPhone everyday
  • Awesome.
  • Apple has tried (and failed) to let us know that if we don't have an iPhone we can't pay for our coffee, we don't have books in our pockets, we don't have an application store, and we don't have a tiny magical box filled with unicorn tears. Funny, that's not what I got from the Apple commercials at all. I took them to mean that if you don't have an iPhone, you can't perform the above tasks using their apps and services, not that you couldn't accomplish the same on other platforms. Oh well, some filmmakers have a lot of time on their hands.
  • Actually, that's exactly what Apple was trying to convey. That's just the way marketing works.
  • That may may have been what you got from it but thats not what they said.
  • I agree. I never felt as if the Apple commercials were saying they were they only one with an App store. Or that you could only pay for coffee using an iPhone and no other device. Bottom line is everyone is going to market and try to sell their product. The fun part is seeing the ads Google (or whatever manufacture) puts out in response.
  • funny cause they are suing amazon for having an appstore...
  • It is what they said, since they mentioned a specific app or service with each task. Watch the videos again. Whether or not they are trying to imply that their solutions were the only ones, on the other hand, is debatable. Android fanboys just hear the phrase "If you don't have an iPhone, you can't..." and then jump to conclusions.
  • Wrong. It has a sentence something like, "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have your favorite books in your pocket." It's a lie. A blatant one. It's also false advertising.
  • If you don't have an iPhone, you can view this flash video within your mobile browser.
  • HAHAHA!! That hit the spot!
  • what's the music player he's got in that opening scene? looks fly.
  • Yup. I'm wondering the same thing.
  • 1) I had an hour to make it (film and edit), who on earth does stuff on ebay and expects it to be a tv spot? It was for a laugh
    2) if you ask anyone who doesn't own a smartphone and is thinking of getting one and they see those ads they believe that only the iPhone can do what they say because of how it's worded, I know that 1st hand.
    3) the music is generated by some software I have by Sonic
    4) I'm from Yorkshire, my accent is awful, we don't even say the word "the" when we speak, I wasn't going to do a voiceover
    5) for all those who took it light heartedly like it was intended and made comments on here or the youtube page, thank you
    6) what's the spelling mistake? If you mean customise then it's spelled right, it's English
  • I, for one, loved it!
  • My idea was a spoof from the if you dont have an iphone statement
    with the greatest line ever
    too lazy to do it though
  • the end was perfect (sequences NOT shortened) ... haha cuz if you notice on every single silly apple advertisement for ipod, ipad, iphone, itoilet_bowl etc... it says at the end "Sequences Shortened" ... that's cuz there's looooooad times !
  • Most commercials for this type of product say the same thing or something similar. Especially, "Screen images simulated". Every phone has a load time and most commercial spots are sub 30 seconds. You don't actually think our phones do things instantly do you?? Haha. ;-)
  • actually, since iphone users are mostly brain-dead, I assume they DO think their phones will run apps instantly. btw on the Nexus One 2.3.3, most things are very much instant/blazing fast
  • Yah, my Inspire is pretty quick too but it's not instant. My iPhone 4 was a bit faster but I like my Inspire more.
  • Great commercial. I had a good laugh and it echoed some of my own thoughts when I saw these Apple spots. Now I hope Rene at Tipb has a response. He's usually got some interesting things to say and knows how to take a joke.
  • I liked it. Sure it wasn't phenomenal production value, but it gave honest facts about Android and didn't degrade into some Apple slam-fest. Well done.
  • It would have been better if 1. he would have spelled "incredibly" correctly
    2. ended it with "If you have an Android phone, you have choice."
  • I had an hour to do the whole thing, it was never meant to be perfect. Someone has recorded me a voiceover so there's a new one going up soon
  • good job, well done.
  • 'filmmaker mmace" seriously??
  • It's a film, I made it
    ;) yeah, it's crappy looking and not well done, I had an hour to do the whole thing (film, edit, titles, music, render, upload)
    If I'd have had more time I'd have used my pro camera that I use for weddings, used my glidetrack, my lightbox etc and if it would make you happy I'd have got my steadycam out too, but I never have the time, having a 1 and 4 year old sees to that
  • is it broadcast perfect? no
    was it meant to be? no
    did I lol? I lol'd
  • How did he get the categories that were words?
  • I used Simi Folders for that
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  • The comment on DRM-free music was totally incorrect. AAC songs purchased from iTunes have been DRM-free for quite some time. The older songs purchased were...but not the new stuff. Do your homework.
  • wow, sorry sir.
    It had DRM when I owned my iPhone last year, plus all the music I bought in the past from iTunes has DRM with it, so we're both right, if you buy now there's no DRM, if you've bought in the past it's got DRM
  • If you don't have an Android, well you don't have much room for customization. PS- funny typos.
  • For those bashing the quality of this, I say we pool our money together, send it to him so he can make a full production commercial, we'll even hire an ad agency to help with getting this in front of Google or someone putting out phones. If he takes the money and runs, we'll find the funny english guy listening to bad music and stuttering through sentences without the word the and beat it out of him with an American dictionary that shows the real way to spell the true English language. Seriously though, the video proves a point, as it was intended to, so nice job.
  • I have a pro camera, all the lighting, software etc, I just didn't have the time, I literally had an hour to shoot, edit, create the music, mis-spell the text, render and upload it. So I used no lighting and my cheapo digital stills camera to film it.
    Now the wife's onboard though so if anyone has any ideas for any more then let me know!
    Have you checked out the new version above with the voice over?
  • Does anyone know what widget he is using at 1:20 that brings up the horizontal bar where he can launch different apps? On his home screen it says social, games, etc. I'm assuming it's some type of shortcuts widget or something?
  • Nevermind... @mmace told me it was Simi Folders.