In Short

Android Auto may well be one of the most exciting areas the operating system is venturing into, finally — and safely — connecting our phones with our cars. And to that end Google's actually keeping a pretty tight grip on applications that have Android Auto components. An app can't just slap in the Android Auto code and call it a day. Likewise, you can't use sideloaded apps on Android Auto. So no watching YouTube while you're driving.

We're taking a look at the apps that work with Android Auto. And you can divide them into two groups. There are messaging apps, and they just flash a notification up on the display and will read the incoming message aloud, and allow you to reply with your voice. They all work the same.

And then there are media apps. Podcatchers, music players, etc. And while they all largely work the same way — a "now playing" screen that uses consistent controls, and lists of available content that you can scroll through — there are some differences between them.

Let's take a look at the apps that work on Android Auto.