Android App News: ADC2 Round 2 Starts, Photoshop, Zagat to Go, & Go Android

One of the things that make Android really special is the growing Android Market and the great developer community. Here's the latest on Android app news & the Android Developer Challenge 2!

Android Developer Challenge 2: Top 200 Apps Annouced, Round 2 Begins

Google has just announced the Top 200 Android Applications in ADC2 and it's looking like a competitive list. There's a ton of great applications in the Top 200 and it'll surely overwhelming to any first time Android user but fear not, eventually winners will be crowned and everything will be filtered.

If you're a courageous Android user, feel free to download the ADC2 Judging application from Android Market to let your voice be heard. According to Google:

For the final round, both users and a Google-selected panel of industry judges will provide votes to determine the final winners. Prizes will be distributed to the top 3 entrants in each of the 10 categories, and the top 3 overall entrants will receive additional prizes

Adobe Launches Photoshop Application for Android

If you want to edit the mediocre shots you've taken on your Android camera, what better way to do it than through Photoshop on your Android phone? Photoshop for Android obviously won't be as full-featured as Photoshop on your desktop, but hey it's free!

Photoshop for Android allows users to edit photos by offering very basic editing tools like crop, rotate, flip and the ability to adjust exposure and tweak color tint and saturation. You can even straighten those crooked shots against a grid! Photoshop for Android is available in Android Market and we suggest you try it out for yourself. If Google won't let us take naturally good photos, we'll have to photoshop it ourselves! [cnet]

Zagat to Go Comes to Android

Zagat to Go has come to Android and you'll find your usual slew of Restaurant ratings and reviews. Zagat to Go also uses location based services to recommend popular restaurants around your location. You'll even be able to make online reservations, browse photos, and be directed to online menus.

Though we'd much rather see community powered applications like an official Yelp app for Android, Zagat is a well-respected name in the Restaurant review business and typically offers great advice. Zagat to Go is available for $9.99 on Android Market and currently supports 45 cities. [androinica] Comes to Android

Want to see how fast your Android device can go? If you're rocking Android 1.6 or higher, you'll be able to download the app for Android that'll allow you to brag to your friends of your blazing 3G speeds. Let's see those tests in the commnets! [androidandme]

Casey Chan