Android 8.0 is officially Oreo!

After months of teasing, we finally have an answer: Android 8.0 is officially Oreo. Not octopus, nor oatmeal cookie (thank goodness). We can now rest until the hype starts again next year.

Google kept this particular deal under wraps for months as it negotiated with Nabisco, the owner of the Oreo brand. The same excitement was maintained in the run-up to Android 4.4 KitKat, during which Google partnered with Nabisco rival Nestlé. Nabisco joined in on today's fun.

If you're interested in reading more about the update, we have plenty of coverage, including a full review for you to peruse!

  • Yes!!!
  • Pumpkin Pie for P next year.
  • Peanut butter for 2018
  • Pez.... Or peeps
  • Pez is a garbage candy. But then, Oreos are kinda garbage biscuits, so it fits!
  • Biscuits is a garbage word for cookie.
  • Of course it's Oreo
  • I was hoping it was going to be Android Orange Slices. Whatevs.
  • Makes sense.
    A disgusting excuse of a cookie gives name to the ugliest version of Android ever.
  • Hey, look. Am Apple Troll
  • Hello Apple Troll
  • I agree lol. Prepare for hate...
  • Oh don't worry. I have thicker skin than Danny's dragons ;)
  • How thick is that REALLY though? lol. I cried a little...
  • That's a bit of hyperbole.
  • Pixie Stix
  • If anyone ever gets its it before the next OS release who cares the carriers will be so fricking slow to release it it will be so old news when people get it unless you are a google phone
  • Seriously. My phone is so far behind at this point, that I don't even remember what version i'm on. I just know it's old and that I don't have any of the features that the new OS has. I'm partially okay with that, if I wasn't I'd buy a pixel. But it's still kinda stupid. It kills the hype and excitement that I used to feel about new OS updates.
  • Since you don't name what phone you have, it's tough to commiserate. For all anyone knows, you could be using a 4 year old phone.
  • How... Uninspired.
  • I'm glad Google is promoting racial unification with this. I'm proud of them.
  • Erm....what?
  • @tidizzel Leave racial crap out of this!
  • "racial crap" Ugh.
  • Not until everyone is treated as equals regardless of the color of their skin. And you calling it "racial crap" tells me everything i need to know about your opinion
  • I know there's dirtbags out there who are racist in all of the races, but no one that I associate with is racist. If they were, I wouldn't hang out with them. I look at the world and see blatant racism taking place all over the world, except the USA for the most part. Yet everyone who's never left this country, claim it's unbelievably racist and oppressive. In fact, America gives opportunities to people of all races that you just don't see in most places outside the USA. I think the biggest problem is that everyone accuses everyone of racism whenever they disagree.
  • There is a lot of racial tension and racism in the US, I'm sorry to say. Maybe you don't notice it because, as you say, you go out of your way to distance yourself from it and the people that perpetuate it... As a white British person, I feel I can speak on this issue with authority. lol.
  • And I just bought some Oreos too. Nice.
  • Maybe a nice black theme for a black cookie name Kenny
  • That's good news only for Pixel owners atm, the others brand will have to wait long time to get those updates.
  • Most of these features are already in other skins. They aren't really waiting on much.
  • Lol, always one of you guys around this time of year.
  • Some Nexus devices (6P, 5X, Player) get it too.
  • Aww no Orange Cream Soda...
  • Statue unveiled?
  • So nothing new really, and hey look guys! This version of Android will have better battery life! No really, we mean it this time. Every other time we were just kidding, but THIS time, well, this time for real! Riiiiiight.
  • Well, better battery life is ALWAYS appreciated! Can't complain about battery life much since Marshmallow. We're a mostly Apple house in terms of phones, with an iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 7 plus currently in use, along with an HTC M8 and U11. First place in battery life? The U11, followed by the M8. The 7 plus was better than the M8 for the first few months, but now my son is looking for the charger on the way home from work. Not sure if it's because he's a Facebook addict, but I'm sure that does not help!
  • Really? The only Android phone I have had that can live with an iPhone on battery life is the Lenovo P2. No other Android phone I have had will get me through a full day.
  • A lot of it depends on how the phone is used. iPhones get better standby and do a good job of controlling background processes when not in use. Android has a lot of stuff going on in the background, and Google Services often chew into battery life during standby. The situation reverses under heavy use. And, since most in my family are heavy users (Youtube, music, databases, web browsing), the usage pattern tilts things to favor the way most Android CPUs run. For the iPhone 7 Plus, it SHOULD be getting better battery life, but I think Facebook's gross inefficiency has something to do with that. I'm franky surprised at the U11 myself, and I would not be shocked to find HTC put a bigger battery in than they are saying ;)
  • Why does that oreo bring back flashbacks of "Powdered Toast Man"? I mean even the friggin hip lean. WTF. Anyway, I was going to say hope this comes soon to the G6, but i digress "Leave everything to me!"
  • I've never seen Powdered Toast Man, but now I have!
    Where's the "unsee" button?!?
  • MKBHD was giving off hints a month or so ago, even had a package of Oreo's as a backdrop, lol.
    Just glad it's not Octopus!
    Can't say I'm in a rush or desperate for O at the moment. Phone is super fast and has no problem doing split screen work with a third window showing a picture in picture movie under N, with a keyboard, mouse, and headphones connected at the same time. I've been hammering the phone pretty hard today, with five Google maps trips, lots of photos, and streaming music all day. I'm done working for the day and at home with the U11 battery at 70%. Nougat has been good to me :)
  • I said OREO would be the name before anyone else
  • Would you like a ...wait for it ...cookie?
  • I LOVE the Lemon and Mint Oreo cookies.
  • Hi, i made a video tutorial about how to run Android 8 Oreo on Windows! 😊
  • Pretty obvious....
  • So the question I have is... will Oreo allow you to block cookies?
  • Just waiting for the O face unlock feature.