Android 4.1 Jelly Bean outed in Google Play Store listing, 'coming soon' to Galaxy Nexus

Well well well, what do we have here. It seems that a possibly careless listing on the part of Google has just outed the next version of Android. It's outed as version 4.1, as Jell... -- we're going out on a limb here and saying Jelly Bean -- and more specifically, that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be the first phone to receive it. Wowzers. 

So, we've all been assuming for weeks upon weeks that we'd be hearing something about the next iteration of our favorite mobile platform. It isn't the biggest surprise in either name or version number, but it is a little surprising it has been outed in this way. 

So, are we going to see some sign of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean next week in San Francisco? As it stands, all signs would point to yes. Exciting times folks. 

Via XDA, Droid Life

Richard Devine
  • I knew Jellybean would just a 4.1 upgrade... Way too many people were assuming it would be Android 5.0. Lets not go into iPhone syndrome and get our expectations too high.
  • To bad the Carriers can't get ICS on any of the phones.... Except the Nexus and even then Verizon learned how to screw that up
  • yeah, Verizon won't push an official update for at least 4 months
  • I'll bet CM9.1 beats Verizon's official push by at least three months.
  • I'll raise your bet and say that the CM team has 4.1 integrated into nightlies for the more common devices within a week of its release.
  • My Galaxy S III has ICS. Supposedly. Wherever it is. :)
  • its skinned by samsung called touchwiz. Its still ICS.
  • I think he's referring to the delayed shipments.
  • Can't wait to see what 4.1 will bring!
  • Well actually based on how things currently work, that's exactly what you'll do. Wait & wait & wait & wait. It doesn't matter what jelly bean has in it if the manufacturers & carriers continue to screw the pooch on updates. Truth is until I see 50%+ ICS on Android devices I want Google to shut up about jelly bean or key lime pie or lemon drops or whatever it may be called.
  • root your phone for f's sake already christ
  • Indeed.
  • Why the fuck should I have to root my phone to get an update, smartass?
  • Because obviously Verizon and other carriers are too idiotic to do the update themselves right away? So if you want something like this, which I might add is quite something to do, root your phone. It's a Nexus device, the one reason we got it is so we can take advantage of being able to do so.
  • Woah...relax. Deep breaths. Maybe find some kitten pics. To answer your question, there's simply no reason for anyone to gripe too much about slow updates on the majority of Android phones. If you want to just wait for the carriers to release them, fine, that's up to you. If getting it more quickly is important to you, though, take the time you normally spend writing dickhead comments on forums and just root your phone. For the vast majority of phones, you can have them rooted and upgraded with a new ROM within about half an hour. Once you're done, install Osmos HD. It's nice and relaxing.
  • My phone is rooted & running a custom ROM. And frankly it's patently stupid that I had to jump through those hoops to get software on it that should have been pushed in March or so when leaked builds were out & running fine. I'm not a noob here fella. But I'm also not going to continue making excuses for a platform that has major faults in it's dealings with carriers & how customers are treated. I'm sick of hearing the mantra "this is how Android was designed to work" or "fragmentation of the platform doesn't matter if the hardware is too weak" blah blah blah. I've used those lines going back to Froyo & Gingerbread myself. So save the aggravated responses. I want Google to SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT NEW ANDROID VERSIONS... until they get more than 7% of CURRENT phones on the CURRENT billd. End of rant.
  • No, it isn't patently stupid at all. In fact, you should quit bitching and be thankful you have the option. Just yesterday Nokia gave word that the just released Lumia phones would not receive Windows Phone 8 because of the lack of acceptable hardware. The same goes with Blackberry upgrades And just like previous versions of the iPhone don't receive all attributes of the previous iOS release, you shouldn't expect your old phone to get every OS upgrade shortly after release. Android users should stop bitching like children and be grateful that it's open source and that if you're running a 2 year old phone, you can still get ICS via CyanogenMod or some other hardworking developer.
  • Well said that man.I was surprised when I heard about Windows Phone 8. I have accepted after purchasing my first Android phone from T-Mobile UK, that the delays in updating were not down to HTC or Google, but my carrier especially as the phone on other carriers had received the update from Doughnut to Éclair some months previous. I personally now purchase unlocked phones (mostly) Nexus (owning a Nexus 1 and Galaxy Nexus these days)
  • I'm currently using an HTC Rezound & my wife uses a Droid Razr. Both are not exactly old hat. So again save the whole "your phone is too old to run ICS..." etc etc etc.
  • At no point did i Say "your phone is too old to run ICS..." Please read more carefully. I said be grateful that the update is coming at all. In fact, the phones you listed prove my point exactly. When Windows Phone 8 is launched in Sept/Oct the 6-8 month old Lumia phones will be left behind. Yet, here we are 9ish months since he Rezound/Razr launches and you're receiving ICS. Why. Are. You. Bitching?
  • +1
  • i have a gs2 and a galaxy nexus. was gonna sell both for an sgs3 but damn....i dont wanna be back on old software in a month. then again i have the sprint gnex so it probably wont get jb till the new nexus has key lime pie .
  • Google has already taken that text out. Their cover has already blown, why not leave it?!?
  • Sweet, just got mine two days ago. Bring on the Jell...
  • why is 4.1 considered jelly bean? when gingerbread had all its 3.x updates we didn't call it honeycomb or ics sooo why isn't this still being considered ics? just wondering..
  • Huh?
    1.5 Cupcake
    1.6 Donut
    2.0 and 2.1 is Eclair
    2.2 is Froyo
    2.3 is gingerbread
    3.0 is honeycomb
    4.0 is ICS
  • typo
  • I'm hoping google throws everyone for a loop and goes 4.1 Jelly Donut!
  • Android 4.1.6 will be Jelly Donut! Or (4)Ice Cream (.1)Jelly (.6)Donut! ahhh, nevermind! By the time we are finished consuming all of the Android naming goodness, we are going to need dentures!
  • Gingerbread was 2.3.x Honeycomb was 3.x ICS is 4.0.x  Ergo Jelly Bean will be 4.1.x :)
  • Concordantly, vis-a-vi
  • +1 for the Matrix 2 MTV movie awards spoof Will Ferrell reference.
  • Haha. Not too many people will get that reference.
  • there was never a 3.x it was just 3... and look at the 1.x's and 2.x's all had different names.. and now theres android 4.1 jelly bean.
  • 3.1=Resizable widgets
    3.2=SD Card Support, better support for phone apps on tablets?
  • 2.2 was Froyo, 2.3 was Gingerbread, 3.0 was just a figment of our imagination and didn't really exist, and 4.0 was ICS. 4.1 would still warrant a new dessert. Only Eclair survived a version bump from 2.0 to 2.1 - but who can blame them:
    "This éclair is over one million calories. Twenty-five pounds of butter per square inch. Covered with chocolate so dark that light cannot escape its surface."
  • 3.0 was Honeycomb, I don't think my Acer tablet was a figment of my imagination.
  • nevermind the other guy beat me to it
  • Gingerbread wasn't 3.x anything. Gingerbread was 2.3, (my GSII had Android 2.3 GB before 4.0 ICS) FroYo was 2.2 and so on. 3.x was Honeycomb. I'm not the most well versed in the matter so someone correct me if I am mistaken. Ahhh, bten to the punch. Either way, the other person's post assures me that I wasnt pulling numbers out of my imagination. :)
  • Look at Froyo and Gingerbread. They are both 2.X.X
  • soon its going to get jelly bean before the newest nexus phones that are coming out this year? little skeptical just from seeing what happened to the nexus s
  • Apparently the Nexus 7 (tablet) will be the device it's announced on. It will be released at Google I/O next week. I hope it's not a huge update because very few devices are experiencing the awesomeness that is Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • If it's 4.1 I am sure Nexus S will get it ;)
  • You'd hope, but at the rapid rate these devices are released, support is often dropped fairly quickly as well.
  • Like dansmith_13 said, that's already been removed, as I tried to see it for myself. Now this starts the ultimate debate for me. I'm on AT&T right now and they aren't selling a subsidized Galaxy Nexus anywhere. Now with this "leak" do I wait it out for Google I/O next week and see if they do indeed launch 4.1 "Jelly Bean" and then buy the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus off of Google Play or do I just go buy the Galaxy SIII that I can get for $200 or less subsidized. Wonder how long it would/will take developers to get 4.1 running on the SIII, as I know I would be rooting it as soon as I get it, that Gingerbread green everywhere would have to go! What was Samsung thinking with that? I can't wait too long on a phone now as I'm still running the original Galaxy S, the Captivate, and she's seen better days for sure. Oh the dilemma!
  • I would say...wait for Google I/O. The Galaxy S is still working right? As long as you have a usable phone I think you can wait a bit more and make a better decision.
  • It "works", but it has its problems. One thing it does do is run ICS "pretty" well (has bugs but is to be expected), which Samsung sure thought it couldn't do. It's made it this long, no reason to see it won't last through I/O if I don't screw it up before then. Must resist urge to flash ROMs between now and then.
  • if you dont care about signing the contract then get the sgs3. if things play out the other way just craigslist it and pay the difference for the gnex. youll actually save money getting the gnex for $100-$150 after making bank on the sgs3.
  • Could be Jell..O?
  • Jell-o is a registered trademark, unless you want to get good companies into this sue happy war I suggest we stay with jellybean
  • Jell..? Could that stand for "Jellied Calf's Feet"?! DEEE-lish!
  • I bet not even 25% of phones will be on ICS before the next version (4.2 or 5.0) is released. Fragmentation at it's finest. It is too bad that even Google is releasing apps not compatible with older versions too. Just look at the Chrome browser. How many more of these apps are we going to start seeing?
  • 25% is a VERY HIGH estimate...
  • for F-sake. Lets all just drop this stupid ass "fragmentation" crap. ITS CALLED OPTIONS. If google had to make everything backward compatible with all the older version of the OS we would end up with an huge mess... (microsoft called theirs windows) Everything would be so bloated it would be crap! If you dont want to every worry about it... get a nexus device. Problem solved. or hey... how about ROOT and you will get it very quickly. New stuff just sometimes cant run on old stuff. thats technology. move on and upgrade ur damn phone instead of perpetuating this dumb ass fragmentation crap. Do a little research.. even apple is fragmented. Less, yes, but you get 1 phone a year with no other options. You get whatever they want you to have. If thats the kinda of "non fragmented" phone eco system you want... LEAVE ANDROID AND GO.. seriously... Android is #1 for a reason.
  • You might want to talk to the verizon nexus owners about how well that is working out for them and the latest updates. And complain all you want fragmentation is an issue. As a user I want to buy a phone and have access to all the apps that every one else has or that I had before upgrading to the latest technology. That doesn't happen because some apps drop support for certain OS or fail to support it at all, and some apps don't work on certain hardware. And rooting isn't a option for the majority of users. They shouldn't have to. It should just work. But it doesn't so there is an issue. Ignore it if you want, but it won't go away any time soon.
  • Actually, it's working out fine, thanks. My GNex is completely unlocked, so I can run whatever version I want to. "And rooting isn't a option for the majority of users." Why do you say that? Rooting is an option on the vast majority of Android phones. "They shouldn't have to. It should just work" Why the assumption that all phones should automatically be updated to newer software? I can just as easily picture a smartphone world where when you buy a phone, you get what you get. No software upgrades...your phone has the functionality it had when you got it, nothing more. I think it's amazing that Android has brought into play a paradigm where we "expect" upgrades to our phones. Why should you "expect" that your two-year-old phone should be able to run every app in the market?
  • NO. Stop this crap right now! It isn't called options. Options is having an MicroSD slot. Options is a 4" screen vs. a 4.8" screen. Options is TouchWiz vs Sense. When you can't run apps because your version of Android isn't on the latest API revision that is NOT options. That IS fragmentation. When on one phone I can't see certain apps on the market or loose features on an app, and on another it has all the features of an app and works better. That is NOT options. That is an OS developed by engineers not thinking out how this impacts users. You can lay the blame all you want on HTC, Samsung, Moto. But most people have NO conceivable idea what goes on behind the scenes to develop an update for a half dozen phones, only to turn around 6 months, or less, later and have everyone screaming at you yet again that we want the update NOW. You think there aren't development costs involved? And before someone comes on the scene saying well the folks at XDA can do it. Yah well they are also beg, borrowing, and stealing apk's and code from other sources and also aren't held liable if an upgrade frags the WIFI on 30K, 100K, 500K of systems. Samsung\HTC\Moto\etc are. "Android is #1 for a reason." Yah not for the reason you think. Do you know how many people were completely screwed in the 2002-2006 time frame before MS took security on Windows as a serious issue? And yet you didn't see a 10%, 20% spike in Mac market share. You didn't see a mass migration to Linux. Just because a platform is #1 doesn't mean there are serious behind the scenes issues that NEED to be worked out. Look. The average i Tard throws around the term fragmentation because Steve did, and its a useful FUD tool for them. (In the same vein as the Mac vs PC ads on TV long ago that just weren't true.) They overplay fragmentation. And it IS overplayed. But do not make it out like there isn't a problem that needs to be addressed, there is. And in my couch chair, OK work chair, opinion it comes down to: SLOW THE HECK DOWN ON THESE BLASTED UPDATES.
  • I'm in complete agreement with siliconaddict. Try to shout down those of us calling attention to Google leaving customers behind if you wish. It doesn't address the problem & you all know it. +infinity if I could sir. Bravo.
  • Yeah, slow down with the innovation and the creation of new software to make new phones better, because I have a bad case of phone envy and can't stand the fact that my one or two-year-old phone can't do everything that a new phone off the shelf can. ??? There's no problem here. It's called innovation, and it's a good thing.
  • Fragmentation? Gee what a buzz word the dillweeds at apple have created. See over there inside the distortion field, they just upgrade your version and disable all the new features if your not on the latest device, there fixed it - not fragmented. LOL, and dipshits eat it up. They still have like 8 devices on varied sets of capabilities and features (and if rumors hold true, screen sizes), but if the OS reports the right F****** number it isn't fragmented. Only a complete iDiot would fall for that.
  • Just because they refuse to acknowledged fragmentation on their platform doesn't mean it doesn't exist on Android. They "deal" with the issue by upgrading the hardware and justify it as well it time for an upgrade anyways. Its still an issue on Android nonetheless, just not as bad as i Tard would make it out to be.
  • Of course it exists, it has existed since the beginning of operating systems. Android deals with it differently, by creating multiple API levels and they are ultimately reigning it in post ICS by making certain UI elements (and their corresponding APIs modular to a degree). My point is, it is silly to expect automatic upgrades across the spectrum when carriers and radios (which require specific coding). When you buy a PC, Laptop or Netbook you don't assume automatic upgrades. A smartphone really is nothing more than a small version of those with some specific hardware (the radios) that needs extra care. Nexus models get a little more distance, but barely. Apple FAKES it. It does no one any good, developers still have to (if they want the business) accommodate multiple models, regardless of the version reported because the behave differently. It still rolls back to the equivalent of a windows or linux program relying on a certain API functionality. Devices don't get upgrades for a wide variety of differences, much like your home PC. If you expect it to, you need to be prepared to perform the upgrade yourself. The small difference is, smart phones don't hand you su/administrator access to manually perform these operations. You have to take matters into your own hands and root your device. I personally think the last part is dumb, they are hand held PCs, they should come, like a netbook, with that access. People need to speak with their wallets. We picked Android because iOS was too idiot focused, we need to push Android into the netbook space rather than the AppleTard space and convince carriers that we aren't going to devastate their networks in the process.
  • I like to think of it as "choice" instead of fragmentation.
  • It is only a choice if I get to make it. If I am depending on Google, my carrier or the manufacture it is no longer a choice.
  • you have the choice to buy new hardware or not to buy. U have a choice
  • I dis-like the use of the term Fragmentation as much as most here and I too refer to the Apple situation among others to illustrate that it is present on all OS's. What I believe most people are concerned with is, when purchasing a phone on a 2 year contract that phone not seeing the latest OS update during it's contract life. I personally take the view that technology is always evolving and at times devices due to hardware configuration and limitations, will get left behind, but as the Dev community have proved many times in the past is that it is also sometimes possible i.e. not down to Google but the manufactures and/or carriers
  • I completely agree. +100
  • I hope they fix the signal strength. Mine cuts in and out only 1.5 miles from an antenna.
  • +1
  • I can guarantee it won't be Jello, just like I'm sure it won't be Jelly Belly and K won't be Klondike Bar and T won't be Twislers. They won't use a trademarked name. Which leaves us jelly bean, jelly roll and jelly donut. They have stuck with the pastry them pretty well, cookie, cake and crackers, but I think they may go candy on this one.
  • Ok, I am a technophile and Android enthusiast. I wanted pure Google experience, and that is why I bought GNex on Verizon. That said, however, I am not willing to spend hours combing through forum posts to fix custom ROM issues that pop up in every custom ROM I tried. (I can't fix issues by coding myself, I am a banker, not a tech wiz.) So I switched back to plain vanilla ICS, and what did I get in return? Verizon approval process that kills the my dream of getting the latest and greatest Android update straight from Google as soon as it comes out. Therefore if Googles comes out with JB in July, I will pretty much have to wait until Xmas to get it on my VZW GNex. And that is why I am selling my GNex and buying a GS III - bigger screen, more powerful hardware. I will simply have to install Nova Launcher to at least make it look and work like a plain vanilla ICS. Can you blame me?
  • Well at least the Verizon GNex had the latest version for a whole month. Still, there's something about the Android update madness that I loathe and love at the same time. Just a little bit of tease every so often to keep you hooked.
  • What about Jelly....just plain Jelly....Why does it have to be 2 names. Oh, fragmentation? Who is running windows XP? That was 3 OS's ago and no one complains that Windows does not update your OS for Free every time a new one comes out. They charge for it. We are all, extremely, lucky to get these great updates, when they come, for free! iOS, WINPHO and Android, OK maybe not Winpho, but that just proves that MS has not changed and to upgrade you have to get a new phone or computer.
  • I lot of people are still running Windows XP, myself included on my home systems (by choice as Windows 7 for me is a death by a thousand cuts). At work, a large enterprise, we're still using XP although we've had a Win 7 pilot program for over a year and just now started to put Windows 7 on a few systems, although it's limited due to ongoing compatibility issues. As far as I'm concerned, Microsoft and Google can keep their new software versions. I'm not impressed by them. Newer does not always equal better.
  • Damn. Makes my decision even harder. I bought my galaxy nexus in February before it was available for purchase in the U.S. Starting yesterday it wouldn't charge. Tried ref lashing factory image wiping cache, battery stats etc. Started charging however the charging icon staying on in the battery icon. In the lock screen it also states the phone is charging when no charger is plugged in. In the setting you get a mix of charging and on battery stats. Doing a quick google search there are hundreds if not thousands of posts dating back to december with people having similar issues (phone not charging and false charging status that wakes phone up). I found a active thread on dating back to January, XDA, Android Central, etc. Poor quality control. I've even seen people who stated their phone from the play store suffered this issue. I haven't done anything to cause this to happen. Now I'm likely going to have to buy another phone which I wasn't planning on doing to earliest the end of the year. If it comes to this I'll be hard pressed to buy another phone from google after this experience. Low hardware quality control with their OEM mixed with better support/support options from other companies may lead me to another platform. Which is a shame but I don't intend on wasting my hard earned money again.
  • You have a 1 year warranty from Samsung. Send it back and get a new one.
  • Send it back to where? As stated, I bought it before it was available for purchase from the Google Play Store. Therefore, it does not have a U.S. warranty.
  • OH, my bad!
  • Had this issue with my GNex on VZW and here is what I've done (per some forum thread I found) - I removed the battery, and plugged the charger it back in. I left it to "charge" for a minute or so without the battery, and then unplugged it again, put the battery back in and then it worked. Turns out that GNex has to be charged directly from the outlet because sometimes power management devices cause problems for this phone. Now that I charge my GNex directly from the outlet using the official Samsung charger, the problem went away. (I got mine in December of last year)
  • Didn't work. I've tried many different methods suggested in the different threads I've read and nothing has worked.
  • Sorry to hear that, dude (pun intended).
  • Any ideas on what "Z..?" will be. And what comes after that..?
  • What about us stranded US imported Nexus owners who still don't have 4.0.4 (4.0.2) because we have to wait for Samsung.
  • I guess custom ROMs is the way to go for you, guys
  • Flash the Google factory image from . Then your phone will be just like one from the Google Play store
  • Maybe is not jelly bean. Maybe its called Jello? Or just jelly? You jelly?
  • No matter if they out it or not it's actually getting it on devices globally and not just in the flaming US that I'm interested in considering I have both ged devices and 1 has been sat waiting for an update that's been out in the US since January (I don't see why consumers should have to root and void warranty just to keep a device going)
  • Ahhhh Yes... and the satisfying feeling of owning a Nexus settles in quite nicely right now.
  • Unless you are on VZW, of course - we got our 4.04 update in late May while Sprint guys got theirs in March. Compare and contrast.
  • said. "..soon the first device with 4.1 Jelly bean" Does this mean no new Nexus device this year? Usually the next Nexus gets the update first. Something to think about.
  • Jell..? Could that stand for "Jellied Calf's Feet"?! DEEE-lish!
  • *sighs* What device penetration has Android 4.0 had so far? Seriously someone needs to smack the crap out of Google. They need to slow the hell down. I'm not going to be at all surprised if OEM's start supporting someone else such as Windows Phone 8. The pace has to be killing them and costing them a huge amount of bank in development costs. I want to see a viable alternative to android so OEM threats aren't taken as a joke by Google.
  • You think Google is not supporting previous phones, Windows just announced, if you have a Winpho now, you will not get win8. At least Android drags us along for the ride as we wait and hope we are getting the next update. MS just flat out said your legacy device get no love.... No Winpho 8 for you..
  • Also, most Apps developed for Android run perfectly from version 2.1 and up. Not only will all their current phones not be upgraded, the new apps designed for WP8 will not work for the old phones. All in all I think Google has a good hand on what exactly they are doing.
  • Umm... Who the hell cares about Windows Phone here? Or iPhone for that matter. I don't use either one. I use Android & most people I've advised on smart phones use Android as well. It's time to quit making excuses for bad business. Remember the grand upgrade alliance that Google announced last yr? How did that work out? I like many others am bitching because this is frankly going too far now. 7% of current phones are using ICS & Google is all set to start talking about jelly bean. Oh & let's not forget that a bunch of phones are available that are quite capable of running ICS & still phones are being released running Gingerbread. That's a joke. And most of you on here know it further more. I know smart business when I see it. And as much as I detest Apple & it's egotistical business practices, not to mention their outright theft of open source software that they claim to have invented (I am a Linux user after all, Fedora 17 currently, highly recommended) then monetized & got patented. One thing Apple did do right however was to effectively make the carriers dumb pipes of service. They handle software issues & customer service themselves. Like it or not Google could take a lesson as could Microsoft.
  • Agreed
  • If it hadn't been for rooting and awesome devs, I wouldn't even be seeing ICS, and that's a shame for ICS having been out nearly a year. That said, I'm on an Inc 2 running one of the modded CM9 builds on 4.0.4 and loving it!
  • Android is like a PC....even if you don't know how to root and get the latest and greatest ROM....there will always be someone you know who does and who will mod you in like 30 minutes.
  • Can't wait until the devs get ahold of 4.1 and bake it into all of our favorite custom ROMs.
  • Wonder what this will do so Samsung Galaxy Nexus sales?
  • This is insane on Google's part. With ICS running on less than 10% of devices they are already pumping out Jellybean? What's the rush?
  • That image is fake, that text was added in, I followed the steps to get to this screen, my checkout looks identical to the screenshot above, but the text about the first phone with android 4.1 jell... doesn't show like it does above. So I call fake.
  • Sweet!! I've been getting really bored with ICS for the last few months. It was a nice new fw to have & play with, but I was over it in January. I hope google keeps up with this pace...the carriers can't keep up, meaning those of us who own a nexus can be a full version ahead of most people. It gives us that little perk we all lost when ICS source was uploaded and no devices could use it 'officially' for about a month....not to mention the fact that NS4G just got it in April lol So yeah...keep pumping out those version updates, google!!! Keep us first party Nexus people ahead of the pack. That's how it should be, IMHO ;)
  • Coming soon? In some places like Hong Kong, I'm sure it will come in at least half a year. We're still stuck on 4.0.2 for now.
    F*ck Samsung HK and I really want to question why Google would allow Samsung to update Nexuses (that's fraud).
  • Well, I'm sure the GSM GNex will get the update first. The Verizon GNex? I'm betting a couple months later. I hope I'm wrong! (Please back off, Verizon)