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The Froyo craziness continues - Google as already released the Software Development Kit for Android 2.2.

If you're an Android developer, go on over to the Android Developer site to get your download on so you can learn all about the new speed, how app data backup works, the fact that your app can now be installed on SD cards, and all the other hot details on Android 2.2.

While you're thinking about what 2.2 can offer your app, don't forget that Google's also offering enhanced mobile ads, if that's your model. Plus, hey, you might also think about how your app can work on Google TV. Not a bad time to be an Android developer, eh?

[via Engadget]

  • I can't wait to switch from AT&T and iphone. Why I did not wait a little longer!!! aghhrrrr now I need to play $130.00 to get out of the AT&T contract to move to sprint or verizon... I am not sure if sprint 4g is worth. I do like what I heard about incredible and verizon. Anyway I really want to start developing and learning more about 2.2!!!
  • Ubuntu users - don't be alarmed if the new SDK breaks ADB. sudo su
    cd **android-sdk**/tools/
    ./adb kill-server
    ./adb start-server
    exit Need to do this twice after installing 2.2 SDK