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Android 2.2 / Froyo to bring Bluetooth voice dialing

We obviously have plenty of Froyo features to do deep dives on in the coming days and weeks, but there's one new feature that we want to point out that has us particularly excited: voice dialing with Bluetooth headsets. Android Central reader Luke tipped us off to take a closer look at Google's Android 2.2 rundown and right there, plain as day, they drop the bluetooth bomb:

  • Voice dialing over Bluetooth
  • Ability to share contacts with other phones
  • Support for Bluetooth enabled car and desk docks
  • Improved compatibility matrix with car kits and headsets

All of the above is quite nice, but given that Android is miles ahead of other mobile platform when it comes to robust voice support, it's good to see them finally check that box off.

Thanks, Luke!

  • As soon as froyo is released on the EVO i will finally be getting a Bluetooth headset! Glad to see this feature was added.
  • Finally. The Droid should have shipped with this in the first LG Chocolate(the first one) could do this. Why can't the Droid?
  • Hallelujah. Now the three people who actually need it will have it, and the 3 million looking for something to complain about can look for something new :)
  • Dude, this is a legit complaint. In some states, you're not allowed to operate your phone while driving. Now people with Android phones can. I just hate having to turn the power on and hold the search button down to voice dial.
  • Bluetooth voice dialling is NOT a new thing. Why isn't it ALREADY on 1.x and 2.x?
  • Lol exactly Jerry! And soooo many bring up "x laws makes it illegal to use your phone while driving". While you know that some of them will still be texting, eating, shaving/doing their hair, or even drinking while they are driving. Its just an excuse to complain(not for everyone, but some). Not wearing your seatbelt is illegal is a lot of places--do you wear your if you move your car from the street to the garage, etc? Also, if you can't use a phone and drive under most normal conditions, get off the road in general. You can always get a headset that supports voice dialing independant from the phone. My Blueant works great. Or heres an idea...pull over to make a call. Whats your hurry anyway?!
  • I know it is too early to say, but the main reason why i havenot gotten the nexus one yet is because it does not work with the bluetooth system in my Infiniti. Based on this update to 2.2 and the bluetooth update, who thinks it will work now?
  • I suspect us Infiniti, Nissan, and BMW owners are still out of luck. The defect with Google is still listed as "Needs more info". The functionality broke with 1.6 and has been broken since.
  • Just registered so I could reply to you. I have a Nexus one and Infiniti G35x 07 w/ Nav and with 2.2 it now works without a hitch. I updated the issue on bug tracker for Android to say as much yesterday as well. I can finally leave my other phone at home.
  • I suppose its one of those 'walk a mile' lessons
    so we can know what its like to have an iPhone and finally get the features any basic phone had for years
    nation wide 3G coverage
  • About damn time.
  • My incredible works with my 07 Infiniti with Nav. I down loaded the voice dial phonebook using Bluetooth. Reception is much better than with the MOTO using 2.0. Haven't tried a M Droid with 2.1 to see if that fixed the garbled audio with the cars bluetooth connection, but 2.1 in the HTC works well. Voice dialing is via the car, not the phone, but it goes through without a hitch.
  • Along these lines...
    My Nexus One finally works reliably with my 2009 Infiniti G37x bluetooth - after applying the android 2.2 update. It was quite frustrating, but after heavy use over the last few days, the bluetooth interface has been rock solid.
  • OK, I feel as I may be screwed forever. My Motorola Doid is now using Android 2.2...Can't voice dial with either my Jawbone 2 or the handsfree in my Hyundai Genesis. To sum it up, I see no additional functionality, still can pickup calls with either bluetooth connection, but that is it. Anyone, anything??