Android 2.2 / Froyo to bring Bluetooth voice dialing

We obviously have plenty of Froyo features to do deep dives on in the coming days and weeks, but there's one new feature that we want to point out that has us particularly excited: voice dialing with Bluetooth headsets. Android Central reader Luke tipped us off to take a closer look at Google's Android 2.2 rundown and right there, plain as day, they drop the bluetooth bomb:

  • Voice dialing over Bluetooth
  • Ability to share contacts with other phones
  • Support for Bluetooth enabled car and desk docks
  • Improved compatibility matrix with car kits and headsets

All of the above is quite nice, but given that Android is miles ahead of other mobile platform when it comes to robust voice support, it's good to see them finally check that box off.

Thanks, Luke!

Dieter Bohn