Android 2.2 and HTC Sense seen on a Desire

The flamers and skeptics are out in force on this one, but what you see above reportedly is an official build of Android 2.2 officially teamed up with the HTC Sense user interface, all official-like, on the HTC Desire. And the details match that leaked screen shot we saw the other day. We've got zero confirmation, of course, and other than the back-end improvements and some app additions, Sense isn't changing all that much. But that doesn't mean we don't want it. So bring it on, HTC. We're ready when you are. Check out the full video after the break. [via XDA Developers] Thanks, Max!

[YouTube link]

  • 1st.
    Come on official EVO 2.2 upgrade!
  • +1
  • +2 We need better battery life. The only bone I have to pick with Android.
  • Man, all I want to see is a _DATE_ when my Evo can get this 2.2 update. I really hope its in a week or two, because longer whille make me think they are BSin and will end up pushing it to Sept or something :-\
  • I agree. I mean really, how long can it take if hackers can do it in no time?
  • It'll get here when it gets here.
  • While I have no idea whatsoever when HTC will release Android 2.2 with SENSE, I cannot imagine that a major code revision of SENSE is required for FroYo. My guess is that the biggest holdup will be SPRINT (and the other cellular providers) who has to test and approve the release before it can be OTAed to consumer devices. Most likely, SPRINT (and most major US providers) will have the "free" Mobile Hotspot Application removed before they give their stamp of approval. Dan
  • True. And with sprints plans being so low, they have to make up that money somewhere.
    I personally would not mind paying the extra $29 a month for the hot spot if I did not have to pay the extra $10 for "premium data".
  • You guys! It's the phone maker that has more to do with updates than the carrier. First Google has to make the update, which they have. Then the phone maker, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, has to make it compatible with their phones. Then the carrier has to approve the update. The carrier has little to do with how fast an update is released because all they have to do is approve the update. That's it.
  • what happened to the vid?
  • I personally don't care for getting 2.2 yet cause I want be able to get an Evo first. It is sold out everywhere!
  • I'm in the same boat. I figured I would be able to find one here in NY but nope, SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE I GO. I'm like itching and scratching for this phone.
  • my bro is trying to upgrade right now, but he cant cuz evos are sold out, lol.
  • Plus if a hacker hits a bump or bug, people just write it off. If a carrier releases with "major" bugs, they lose market0share; The money drives the timeline.
  • Yipee bring it on HTC were waiting were wanting and were ready froyo froyo froyo. :-)
  • EVO
  • i say the Incredible will get it before the Evo, due to the Incredible being the same screen size as the Desire. It would be nice if ALL the HTC Sense phones got the 2.2 update at the same time. But thats all up to the carriers to decide on witch kind of sucks.
  • No way Verizon is the slowest in releasing updates, perfect example was with palm Sprint released 1.4 weeks before Verizon did.
  • I'm currently running 2.2 on my eris and living it!
  • BS
  • He's most likely talking about the CM6 test for Eris, Cyanogen released it today or yesterday...check his twitter.
  • Lol I'm dead serious!
  • The Droid X will get 2.2 before the Evo I am sure it !!
  • Ahahahaha... whew. Haha!
  • I hope this comes to the incredible very soon, but my guess would be that we won't get it until the end of July/beginning of august....seems like forever :/ .....until then I will set and eat some frozen yogurt, incredible in hand ......waiting :o
  • I have already received a deposit on my incredible , the phone is sold and will be shipped to its new owner when the Droid X is released , cant wait !!!!!
  • It really wasnt that big of a upgrade it added a few things but other then that it is the same. GINGERBREAD is gonna change alot
  • Mmmm Gingerbread. ....
    But from what I can gather were atleast 6 months if not more from an official release.
    And if the changelog is true to form I can't say 720p vid recording 3g wifi hotspot and car docking as "the same"
  • i don't know this is pretty gay in my opinion. this does not even look different then 2.1. if this is the final version then the incredible will be the last sense ui phone i buy. i will stick to vanilla fuck this
  • I believe the Droid Incredible won't receive Android 2.2 or the Adobe Flash 10.1 OTA update until late summer also. Yes the Desire is seen with the Android 2.2 update but the reason why I believe HTC is holding back on the Droid Incredible is because of the back orders. They probably want to release the update until the people who are still waiting (like me) to have it. Makes the most sense anyway.
  • Not to mention Gingerbread (Android 3.0) is mainly suppose to have the phone LOOK as good as it WORKS. Google might pop in some surprises but I think 3.0 is mainly just a big UI overhaul eye candy update which would be nice since that is a big sell point on the iPhone that it looks cool, let alone it doesn't do half the things that Android does.
  • The HTC Desire being very popular here in the UK there will be lots of people waiting for this.