Android 2.1 Eclair usage climbing as 2.2 Froyo makes its official debut in the count

Android 2.1 usage is up from our last count 16 days ago to 53.1 percent of all Android devices. The numbers are based on the devices that access the Android Market, which should be just about everyone who doesn't live under a rock. That said, this is the first time that Froyo has been included in the collection. With Froyo coming to the Evo, Droid and Droid X, and Nokia N900 those numbers are sure to rise quickly. With Gingerbread possibly 3.0 right around the corner, the Android landscape does look to be more fragmented than ever (but I still can't help but to drool over what might be in the next version). [Android Developers]

Ali Fazel
  • Don't forget us Incredible users too in that Froyo mix, that will certainly help to change the percentages.
  • And by Fragmented you mean Diverse. Never let the opposition choose the terms of reference.
  • They meant to say it has a great legacy lolz.
  • Don't forget the Incredible lol which is barely mentioned
  • Everything needs to be 2.1atleast by then end of the year imo
  • Agreed. 2.1 is now the standard and 2.2 is the candy.
  • myTouch 3G Slide is getting 2.2 as well. Not sure about the older myTouch models.
  • I want Froyo!
  • I don't buy into fragmentation....upgrade your phone. I know people who have phones that are 3-5 years old. That's lightyears in electronics terms.
  • My incredible wants to be include d!
  • They should skip froyo for the evo and wait until gingerbread is ready this holiday.too many updates too close together.
  • What so good about group someone please enlighten me. I'm a new adopted android user.
  • Im confused I thought someone said that Gingerbread story was a rumor and it would very possibly come to the Droid 1.