Android 12 isn't even out and we might already know the codename for Android 13

Android statues at Google campus
Android statues at Google campus (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google may have already given Android 13 an internal codename.
  • The codename, spotted in the AOSP, appears to be "Tiramisu," after the popular coffee-flavored dessert.
  • Google stopped publicly naming Android versions after desserts with Android 10.

Android 13 may be a ways off, but it looks like Google is already laying the groundwork for its next major release after Android 12, starting with the codename.

A commit on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was spotted (via XDA-Developers) that appears to disclose the name of Google's next version of Android. The commit indicated that Android 13 would be given the designation "Tiramisu," after the classic coffee-flavored Italian dessert:

PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME is being updated from T to Tiramisu.

If this is the internal designation, it's unlikely that Google will refer to Android 13 publicly as "Tiramisu." While Android was known for its sweet dessert names since its launch, that tradition sort of died with Android 10 when the company went through a brand refresh and decided to simply refer to Android by the version number.

That said, each new version is still given a designation based on a dessert following the English alphabet. Android 10 was "Quince Tart," Android 11 is "Red Velvet Cake," or RVC for short, and Android 12 is known as "Snow Cone."

While it doesn't affect the development of Android 13, it's still a bit of fun insider information to have. For now, Android 13 isn't expected until next year, while Google continues to finalize things with Android 12 beta 3. But thanks to the update commitments by various OEMs, many of the best Android phones are expected to receive the next major update when it launches.

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