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Youtube Privacy

Go ahead, admit it: You've probably searched Youtube for something you'd prefer nobody know about. Nyan Cat. Teletubbies. Justin Bieber. The iPhone. Hey, we won't judge.

There's a quick and easy way to cover your tracks, though. Just dive into the Youtube app, hit the menu button, then choose settings. There you have a couple of search settings options. One clears the search history. The other will "block videos containing restricted content from appearing in search results." It's a pre-emptive strike, if you will. And while it won't keep Justin Bieber from showing in your Youtube search results, it should keep your more nefarious searches away from prying eyes.

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Android 101: A little privacy in the YouTube app


I just had a friend teasing me the other day because mine was full of Barney clips & childrens songs from when I try to keep my son occupied.

I already knew how to clear the results, but it's a funny coincidence regardless.

Seriously what kind of content is on you tube that you don't want anyone to see what you searched for? Maybe I need to search just to see what is out there. Lol