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Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes and e-mail spam. Here's how to take care of it in Android's gmail app.

If you open an individual e-mail and then realize it's spam, hit the menu button. Depending on what phone you have, you mmight see the "Report spam" button there. It varies. If you don't see it, hit the "More" button. Then you should see "Report spam."

If you're in the inbox, you can select multiple e-mails, then hit menu, and you sould see the "Report spam" button.

Die, spam, die.

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Android 101: How to mark spam in gmail


I receive 0 spam in gmail. Perhaps because I have a junk account I use to sign up for stuff (like this website .. j/k ... n/k)

Whenever I hear my friends (and parents) complain of spam I say "You should use Gmail. You could forward your emails from your old account ..." People get very "attached" to their email. I guess I'm the same way. Only difference being that I chose the RIGHT email.

Part of this advice works and part of it doesn't, at least on my EVO 4G.

The part about how to mark a message as spam once you open the email is exactly how it works on my EVO 4G.

The part about how to mark a message as spam w/o opening the the email DOES NOT work on my EVO 4G. There is no REPORT SPAM button on that 6 button screen that pops up when you hit mMenu. My buttons are Refresh, Compose, Accounts, Go To Labels, Search and More. When you hit More, the Settings button appears but there is no Report Spam button listed.


Thanks. I see that now. Works great.

I always wonder why Gmail required me to open a spam email inorder to get rid of it. I always waited until I opened my Gmail on my computer. I guess I don't have to wait anymore.

You know what 101 I would like to see? A little Google 101... as in the largest mobile OS system out there developed by one of the most technology forward thinking companies in the history of mankind .... MAKE PINCH TO ZOOM WORK IN YOUR OWN FREAKING GMAIL APP!

Ok that was not even a sentence but I do feel better.


Keg Out

I agree. And while they are at it, maybe they could add a select all option so we can delete more than one email at a time. Come on Google!

Open Gmail, menu, more, settings, check batch operations and you can check as many as you want and delete them. No select all however.

Like other posts on this forum, I have to emphasize the need for the gmail app to allow a menu option to Select All or add a Select all check box above the email in the description bar. It would be even better to have Select All Folder and Select All Screen functions.

We all get spam or have folders with lots of messages we want to archive, delete or label... trying to do this one email at a time, even if batched, is a complete PIA.

This function has been requested since 2009 on all of the forums... its almost 2012. I'm not a fan of Apple, but Jobs would've forced this feature by now.

The gmail app needs a perfectionist with a release veto!!! Add the feature already...