Amazon drops the View-Master VR Starter Kit to just under $20

Amazon is currently running a pretty good deal on Mattel's Google Cardboard-based View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, dropping the already affordable kit to $19.97. That's a full third off of the kit's normal price of $29.99, for the record.

For the uninitiated, the View Master Virtual Reality kit is a new take on the classic toy that many of us grew up with. While View-Master has retained the iconic reels of old, they're used in a new way. You slide your compatible smartphone into the unit with one of the View-Master VR apps loaded, then look at the preview reel and click the button to get started. The app then launches you into a 360-degree VR environment that you can explore. Of course, you can use the kit with a wide variety of other VR apps as well.

If you're interested in a fun VR experience for your kids, or just want to check out the tech for yourself while experiencing some nostalgia, you can grab the kit from Amazon at the link below. Also be sure to check out our hands-on with the View-Master to see our take.

$19.97 from Amazon

Dan Thorp-Lancaster