All the Mini Games in Kingdom Hearts 3

As we finally get the opportunity to sink our teeth into the newest entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, what becomes immediately obvious is the fact that this game is jam-packed with things to do and see. It can be overwhelming to not know where to get started. Never fear! We'll be going through all of the mini-games that Kingdom Hearts 3 has to offer.

Classic Kingdom

Some of you may remember Classic Kingdom from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Well, it makes an appearance here in Kingdom Hearts 3 with your Gummiphone.

You can access the Gummiphone by getting through to the Twilight Town. Continue through the Twilight Town main story until you reach Remy (Or the Little Chief as he's known in Kingdom Hearts 3) and unlock the Bistro in town. After that, you'll get access to your first game, Giantsland.

More games are unlocked as you progress through the main game, and you can find them in the most unlikely of places. So be sure you search from the clouds of Olympus to the caves of Corona.

Here are what we've found so far :

  • Giantsland
  • Camping Out
  • Barnyard Battle
  • Fishin' Frenzy
  • The Musical Farmer
  • The Karnival Kids
  • Mickey's Kitten Catch

Winnie The Pooh

Our favourite Pooh bear and all of his friends from the 100-Acre Wood return in this instalment and with that we have the usual healthy dosage of mini-games!

Rabbit's Garden has puzzle games akin to Peggle and Bejeweled where you line up fruit or flowers to make a line of the corresponding colour.

Pudding Mini Games

There are fluffy, sweet, harmless heartless in Kingdom Hearts 3. If you see them out and about on your journey, don't fear to approach them. They are the start of your new mini-game adventures. They can be found in every world and you'll need to search every nook and cranny in order to find them all. But here are a few to get you started.

  • Trinity Sled in Olympus.
  • Mad Tea Cups in Toybox.
  • Shooting Mini-game in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Little Bistro

The Little Bistro is a cute mini-game where you help Remy in preparing or cooking some of his meals on his menu. Better yet, by completing all of the items on his menu you can keep the food after you cook it! These items can give you different status effects ranging from strength to HP buffs and more.

This mini-game is the only one that is dependent on Sora finding appropriate items throughout the world in order for Remy to cook them. Coming across ingredients in Kingdom Hearts 3 is pretty easy, Donald or Goofy will comment that there may be ingredients in the area and once some are close you'll get a reaction command to pick up the item. This works in all sorts of places! So check in rivers for fish or eels and in poorly lit places for mushrooms!

Lucky Icons

For the photographer in all of us, we have the Lucky Icon challenge. All around the world, you will find King Mickey's sigil (his mouse icon). If you take all the photos in a world where his sigil is, something lucky may happen!

Look high and low for these sigils, as they hide in plain sight, causing them to be some of the trickiest things to find. Happily, Donald and Goofy will be on hand to let you know if there is one present that you can't see.

Festival Dance

Have you ever wanted to dance with Sora? (No? Ok, well then it's just me then!) In the Kingdom of Corona, you can now dance with Sora as part of a festival mini-game. Slightly less cumbersome than its counterpart in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Atlantis, you must hit the beat in order to get a high score. Will Sora have two left feet? Well, that's up to you!

Verum Rex: Beat of the Land

Ever wanted to be able to fight big robots in a one-on-one battle? Well, now you get the chance! This mech mini-game is a first-person shooter based in the Toybox where you control a robot to fight off hordes of enemies. This is unlocked when you progress through the main story of Toybox.

Goofy Curling

As you make your way through the frozen world of Arendale, you'll be able to unlock the snowboarding mini-game for the world known as Goofy Curling. This is where you can challenge your skills to see how high of a score you can get.

Flash Tracer

Home to Big Hero Six, San Fransokyo is also home to a data game called Flash Tracer. This mini-game unlocks after going through the story of San Fransokyo. The game requires you to collect rings of data in a Time Attack action game.

Phew! That was a lot to cover, but now you have an idea of what to expect in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Specious Coda-Bishop