All about market share, fragmentation, and magic [From the forums]

Seems like everywhere you visit on the Internet you see folks tossing out buzzwords like market share, or talking about how many phones are being activated for each of the popular operating systems.  Even we talk about numbers from time to time.  I'll admit, it's fun to sit back and watch people get their blood boiling and having a great big Internet flame war sometimes, but it's also a good idea to know what is really going on in spite of all the trolling and bickering.

Luckily, milominderbinder has spent his time and energy to gather up all the facts and figures instead of starting trouble in blog comments.  It's almost required reading for anyone with interest in smartphones, and while it carries a bit of Android bias (we don't have a problem with that) it also breaks down the numbers and clears up a good bit of the clouded newsbytes that have been flying around lately.  Do yourself a big favor and have a read, and dive into the discussion.  [Android Central Forums] Thanks, Craig, for the great read and hard work!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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