aHome beta 4 for Android leaked

You know both your smartphone platform and its applications have hit the big time when you start seeing leaks of beta versions -- enter aHome 4 for Android.  With the onslaught of new home replacements, some of the old standbys have been all but forgotten.  The folks over at mAPPn are about to charge back in a very big way with aHome 4.  It's chock full o' features, and takes eye candy to the next level, and if you jump past the break you can have a look, we have a handful of pics.  No word on when aHome 4 will be available, but keep an eye out for it.  Thanks J!

aHome 4 beta 2

aHome beta 4 -- 3

aHome beta4 -- 4

aHome beta4 -- 5

aHome beta4 -- 6

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • First and let me say I will snag this as SOON as it comes out! LauncherPro is good but this looks like it will pwn!
  • Thats looking pretty nice. We really haven't seen Android apps use the API's to the fullest yet.
  • This looks like its gonna be an awesome replacement. I will definitely give this a look when its out.
  • I am the engineer for ahome.thank you for your test.we have not Evo for test now,but i will fix the bug in next version...
  • The beta is very good on the Evo. They don't let me try the widgets yet but overall its pretty sweet. Surprised to find no force close issues in this beta. Can't wait until there is a full release.
  • Those screen shots don't do anything for me. I don't see any evidence of useful features that aren't offered by the competition. What am I missing?
  • No download available to open public. This beta was sent via email to select people. No word yet on a full release.
  • Anyone leaked the .apk?
  • Is there a download out for this?
  • oh,this just a beta version.we only sent the .apk to few people.but don't worry,We will as soon as possible release it and u can download it from market.thanks.
  • Meh ... as the article said, those early home replacements are all but forgotten, and I say good riddance. At one time, I used Open Home Full, but it force closed so much I couldn't stand using it anymore, so moved on. I noticed that it hasn't received any updates for a very long time, so I have to assume the dev has abandoned it. Now I use LauncherPro Plus, and so far it has never force closed on my Droid X. I'm vary happy with the features, and the announced tweaks and features in the pipeline.
  • This is more of an advertisement than a leak. no apk avail/leaked. The screen shots of the app were "leaked." LMAOOOOOO!
  • TOTALLY AGREE!! Definitely not "leaked".. BUT.. looks cool, but the thing i dont like about The current program is that you have to pay $6 for the program (which isnt TOO bad) but then, any theme that is worth downloading costs more money. Compared to other home replacements (launcher pro+ is my fave right now) its just a bit expensive comparatively. IMO
  • I'm still waiting for someone to come out with something like what TaT claimed to be bringing to android with "TaTHome", which turned out to be major vaporware.
  • i agree bro... Too bad they're not putting it in the marketplace. they sell to manufacturers not consumers :'[
  • They never even sold TaTHome to vendors. They -claim- some of their tech various UIs in "over 400 million phones", but that's a rather specious claim.
  • is that an app that puts the percentage in the battery? if so what is it? ive been looking for that for a long time!
  • I second shamefulzero's question: would definitely want to know how these guys are showing battery percentage on what looks like the stock battery icon in notification bar. That's tight!
  • I can't say for sure if that is CyanogenMod 6 (froyo) in the screenshots, but I'm running CM6 on my Evo and it has battery percentage in the stock location like that. It's the only rom I've seen that has that, of course there could be others out there.
  • So I have been using this on a stock 2.1 Evo and its been pretty sweet. I have 3 force close issues since getting beta (very minor imo). You can choose 2 layouts either an iPhone or Android. There are express wallpaper but I can't seem to get them to work. Customization is limited but there are a ton of options that aren't available just yet like the widgets. There has been no lag or slow down on my phone either. I was using launcher pro before the beta and I have to say despite some options being locked this has been pretty solid. Can't wait to see the full release.