After Android 2.0 'Eclair' Comes Flan, After Flan Comes Gingerbread ?

With the Android 2.0 'Eclair' SDK officially available and the Droid launching with 2.0, it's only a matter of time before 2.0 hits our Android handsets. So it's a great time to jump the gun with speculation on what comes after Eclair. As we all know, Android builds are creatively named after desserts in alphabetical order--Android 1.5 was Cupcake, 1.6 was Donut, 2.0 is Eclair and the next build will be called Flan. So what comes after F?

It just may be Gingerbread. In a short, humor-filled interview, Google Engineering Program Manager Ryan Gibson jokes about the pains in creating the nicknames for these Android builds and mentions 'Gingerbread House' when answering what comes after Flan. Obviously it's nothing close to being official since 'Gingerbread' is 2 builds after the next Android build (Eclair) and the overall joking nature of the interview but we kind of, sort of like the name.

Can you guys think of a dessert better suited to be the codename for the next, next Android build? In the meantime, hopefully we'll enjoy Eclair soon enough!


  • My Sprint Hero is hungry for some ECLAIR!!! He will even settle for a Donut right now
  • Omg took the words out of my mouth. When is donut gonna be released to us hero users
  • How about instead of flan, Figgy pudding
  • How about a gelato?
  • or Gelatin?
    or Glazed Donut?
    or Gumdrop?
    or Gooey Gumdrop Buttons? I like Gingerbread, but i kinda like Gumdrop better for some reason :)
  • I'm like pretty sure they're just going to stick with pastries, not just any dessert. although gumdrop is pretty good for an update name lol
  • i agree, gumdrop does sound good.
  • Fudge sounds good to me...
  • Hi Great sound of these speakers.
  • How about ?
  • I still think Fudge would be better than Flan...
  • Ganache!
  • +1 for Ganache!! That has got to be it...
  • I was having trouble finding a decent dessert that starts with a "G"... but the best so far is: Android Glaze
  • Gphone - a tasty treat that fits perfectly in my grasp
  • How about beignet tasty french donuts that the sale at cafe du monde in New Orleans.