5 reasons why you need to get a VoLTE phone in 2021

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Tired of the terrible quality of voice calls on mobile? You probably need a new phone; today VoLTE phones are the way to go. VoLTE is short for voice-over LTE, and it means that your carrier enables you to make phone calls using faster, high-bandwidth data connections rather than slower connections that result in lower sound quality.

And it won't cost you a fortune; if you switch to Tello you can enjoy VoLTE service at astonishingly low prices with no fees and no contract. If you're visiting from overseas and have been horrified by US phone bills, switching to Tello will save you money and you'll probably be able to phone home for free, too.

If you have a phone made since 2018 then it's probably VoLTE-ready right now (and that's easy to check). And if you're still getting by on a non-VoLTE phone, here's why you should definitely upgrade this year:

1. Incredible call quality

The real benefit to using VoLTE is the incredible clarity you get on your calls. Because it uses fast data connections rather than the lower bandwidth voice channels you're used to, you'll be able to hear whoever you're talking to as if they're in the same room. No more having to ask people to repeat what they just said because it got lost on a crackly line!

2. Enjoy premium features

There's more to VoLTE than crystal-clear voice calls. With a VoLTE phone, you also get more flexibility and better features, including the ability to use voice and data simultaneously, which is bound to be a game-changer for many, as well as group MMS so that you can message multiple people in one go. You might also notice that calls connect faster if you're calling someone near you; a small benefit, but a fun one to try out.

3. Top network compatibility

Ever tried to take your old phone to a new provider only to find that it's not compatible? With VoLTE that becomes a lot less likely. VoLTE phones offer much wider network compatibility, including Tello's new GSM network, so you can switch with confidence.

4. Easy setup

Got a VoLTE phone? Great! Now all you need to do is get working with VoLTE, which should take you a minute or two at most. Whatever brand of phone you've chosen, you should be able to quickly find the magic switch to enable VoLTE in your settings, usually within the Cellular, Connections, or Wi-Fi and network category. And if you got your phone through your current phone provider, you might find it's already enabled.

5. You'll get a better phone all-round

We're sure you love your current phone. It's been with you for years and you know your way around it like the back of your hand. But don't you ever wish that it had more advanced features such as 5G, a better camera, a higher resolution screen, or smart charging? Moving up to a VoLTE phone means more than VoLTE; you'll also get a significant upgrade in terms of what your phone can actually do.

Switch to VoLTE with Tello

Decided that it's time to switch to VoLTE? Why not switch to Tello Mobile at the same time so that you can enjoy all the VoLTE advantages for a lower price and with a lot more flexibility? Following its move to a new GSM network this year, Tello now offers full 4G/5G VoLTE support, including visual voicemail, group MMS and WiFi calling. If you already have a VoLTE phone, it's easy to switch to Tello and you can keep your old number. As long as you have an unlocked, GSM-compatible phone that supports LTE BANDS 2, 4, and 12, you're good to go. You can quickly check your existing phone's compatibility here.

And if you don't have a VoLTE phone yet, Tello has some fantastic options at great prices, both new and refurbished with free standard shipping, and a 30 day return policy with no extra charges.

You can build your own plan that matches your data and call requirements, and change it any time without penalties. If you don't really need unlimited data, Tello will give you 4GB and unlimited talk for just $19 per month, with no contract to worry about. And all Tello's phone plans include a free mobile hotspot, free international calls to over 60 countries, and free unlimited texts.

It's quick and easy to get set up with Tello online, and if you need help there's amazing customer service from real people you can actually talk to, rather than having to navigate endless nested menus of robot voices. Want to get with the VoLTE program in a way that'll save you money and put you in control of your phone plan? Sign up with Tello Mobile today.

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