5 Best Screen Protectors for the LG V30

The LG V30 is shaping up to be one heck of a phone. LG has packed it with great features and packaged it in a beautifully designed chassis.

Now, we know many of you hate the idea of covering up a phone's design with a case, but a screen protector on the other hand is one of those accessories you may not even notice — until that fateful day when your phone slips out of your hand and falls to the concrete. Save yourself from dealing with a scratched or cracked display by using a screen protector. Most kits are under $10 so, really, what do you have to lose?

Wellci LG V30 Screen Protector [2-pack]

Tempered glass is always the best way to go for keeping your phone screen protected. This two-pack from Wellci is ultra thin — at only 0.26mm thick it will maintain the original touch sensitivity and clarity of the LG V30 display.

There are a couple cutouts along the top edge of the screen protector for the front-facing camera and ear speaker, and the kit includes everything you need to ensure a clean and perfect installation the first time. Get yours for just $8.

(We know the picture above is of the G6, but Wellci assures buyers that the protectors are indeed for the V30.)

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MoKo Tempered Glass Screen Protectors [2-pack]

This tempered glass screen protector, just .33mm thick, comes in a two-pack and is designed to be a bit smaller than the full size of the screen to avoid bubbles and the dreaded halo effect around the edge. This should also ensure that these screen protectors are case-friendly.

The includes everything you'll need to install both screen protectors clean, and MoKo backs their product with a lifetime warranty. Get your two-pack of screen protectors for just $8.

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IQ Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3-pack]

IQ Shield has a great 3-pack of tempered glass screen protectors for the LG V30. It's been precisely designed to cover the entire display, with a small cut-out around the top for the front-facing camera.

All IQ Shield screen protectors are backed by a 100% hassle-free lifetime warranty replacement program, so you can buy yours for just $8 and be confident that your V30's screen will always be protected from harm.

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Skinomi Tech Glass Screen Protector [3-pack]

Skinomi is a trusted name in the phone protection game, so you can buy this three-pack of screen protectors for just $8. Each is made from quality tempered glass and feature an electro and oleophobic coated surface to prevent dust and oil from clinging to your V30's screen.

The kit includes everything you need to ensure a clean installation, and the product is also backed by Skinomi's lifetime warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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Ringke Invisible Defender [2-pack]

Straying away from the tempered glass screen protector options, this compelling option from Ringke is unlike most screen protectors we've seen, in that it ensures full screen protection by wrapping around the sides of the phone to the back.

This is a film screen protector, so it's not as tough as tempered glass — but it's perfectly compatible with the best cases available so if you're out to fully protect your LG V30, this might be a compelling option at $8.

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Do you use a screen protector on your phones?

How important is preventing scratches and cracks on your display? Let us know in the comments.

Marc Lagace

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